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Design of a two-room apartment: interesting ideas (21 photos)


Any resident of a typical high-rise building is looking for the best option for decorating an apartment, including the presence of personal space and the convenience of its location in the room. Is it possible to create it in an ordinary two-room apartment? Yes! Perhaps, if the redevelopment approach creative. Design of a two-bedroom apartment of 60 square meters. - This is a wide field for fantasy and the implementation of the most courageous decisions.




Any redevelopment in a two-room apartment begins with a design project.

What are the apartments by type of building and location of rooms?

All existing apartments in high-rise buildings, including modern ones, are divided into types according to size:

  • "Stalin" is characterized by the presence of high ceilings, while the usable area is small. Rooms can be placed outside the box. Type of building - two or four.
  • "Khrushchev" is a small apartment with a combined bathroom, walk-through living rooms. The type of building is similar to the previous version.
  • "Brezhnevka" - apartments similar to Khrushchev, only here the bathroom is divided and the rooms are slightly larger in size.
  • "New planning" - modern apartments with large-sized rooms: a kitchen, separated by 2 living rooms, with a nursery and a loggia.




The interior design of a two-room apartment is chosen depending on the place where the room is located. By the type of location of living rooms are divided into linear, in these apartments, the windows are located in one side, and the vests - several exits window openings.

By type of provision are divided into several types:

  • Separate.
  • Adjacent.
  • Separately adjacent.
  • Free layout.

Among all the listed apartments, panel buildings with Khrushchev in original or modern form are especially popular.

In houses with a free layout everything is provided, starting from the supporting structures, ending with partitions. In all other cases, you need to think about how to design a two-room apartment so that it can satisfy the needs of all tenants.



You can also plan here according to your preferences, however, before that you need to obtain the appropriate permissions from the developer, if the project is still under construction - from the Bureau of Technical Institutes, otherwise penalties and penalties from the law cannot be avoided.



Design ideas for a two-room apartment

Old Soviet buildings - a complete grief for their owners. All apartments were built at the time of the pattern and similar as twin brothers. And in the repair they are very complex object, because a good modern design involves:

  • Redevelopment, coupled with the replacement of heavyweight partitions, walls, doorways to lighter structures.
  • Replacing the classic bathroom with a shower stall to save a useful place in small-sized apartments with a combined bathroom.
  • Redevelopment of a small apartment in a studio with zoning without the use of bulky structures in partitions. Here, as elements for visual separation, mirrors are used, transforming furniture, which takes up little space, but performs several functions simultaneously.




How to equip the living room in a two-room apartment?

The design of a two-room apartment is planned in the process of repair or before it. Especially in Khrushchev, Stalin, where living space is sorely lacking. The main task of a good design is a visual increase in the room due to:

  1. Zoning flooring. The division of the room flooring of different colors, a screen, decorative curtains.
  2. Color combination. It is very important to choose and balance the colors. It is best to select pastel colors for the design of the corridor, room or bedroom of linear types.
  3. False ceiling. Installation of multi-tiered structures allows not only to make a stylish and modern design project of a two-room apartment, but also visually increase the standard space in a small apartment due to the play of light on glossy surfaces and mirrors.
  4. Bright design two-room apartment 44 square meters. With the use of decorative objects, for example, stylish vases, photo frames, light textiles also make it possible to expand the space, albeit visually.
  5. The refusal of the bulky massive Soviet furnishing allows not only to expand a small room for housing, but also to create an ultra-modern design of a two-room apartment of Khrushchev, where, as you know, there is always not enough space. Massive pieces of furniture unwittingly hide the place, while the consumer gets very little benefit from them.
  6. Lighting. The design of a small two-room apartment can be not only ennobled, but also increased by properly installed lighting. Successful design ideas with the game of light are attached.




If the purpose of the repair is not only an interesting design of the hallway, bedroom, nursery or living room for living in the style of a classic, but the combination of several rooms into a single space, then functional zoning in this case would be the right decision.

  • The combination of a kitchen and a dining room is a popular trend in the design of a two-room apartment in a new building.
  • Combined living room with a study - a comfortable room, if you expect frequent reception of guests, visitors or students.
  • A bedroom connected to a dressing room is a fashionable and rational solution in the planning of a two-room apartment.

To redevelop the apartment for a family is not as difficult as it seems at first glance, the main thing is to correctly place accents and translate the plans into reality.