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Gym at home - a corner of personal comfort (21 photos)


There can be a lot of reasons that can motivate a person to create a gym at home. Many will consider this venture stupid, while others on the contrary envy those who have the opportunity to train without leaving their homes.



But if a person decided to equip a gym at home, it was a well-weighted decision that takes into account all the pros and cons. Such a person in most cases is either an ardent fan of sports and cannot live without him, or for those who need regular exercise in connection with their state of health. But despite the reason for this venture, gym equipment, which has its own unique design, must be performed according to all the rules, adhering to some recommendations.

An ideal for accommodating a gym can be called a warmed veranda or attic floor, if at the same time it does not spoil the design of the entire building as a whole, since in this case there will definitely be windows in the "exercise machine". And windows are one of the most necessary conditions in this case, because their presence not only allows fresh air to be provided at any time, but the room with windows is more convenient for training than deaf and having no openings other than doors. .

If the house does not have an attic floor or veranda, then a gym in the basement or basement will also be acceptable for training.



If a person thinks about how to make a gym at home, who does not have a private house, but lives in an ordinary city apartment, then in this case he can choose any vacant room with an area of ​​at least 8 square meters. If there is no such thing in the apartment, then you can say goodbye to the idea of ​​creating a home gym or buy a pair of simulators and install them in the bedroom or living room.

In order for fitness classes to be comfortable, the room for them must be properly organized.

  • First, it is necessary to provide for the presence of ventilation, since active sports leads to increased perspiration, which, in turn, can cause an unpleasant odor and high humidity. In order for the home gym to not turn out to be a badly smelling wet room, it is necessary to arrange forced ventilation by means of installing the fan in the air vent or into the existing ventilation opening.
  • Secondly, for the proper organization of the premises of this destination it is necessary to ensure the correct light. And it will be correct in the event that the light sources will be located on the ceiling and the color will be as close as possible to the daylight. There should be no wall lights in the gym, as they will not be able to provide an appropriate atmosphere, and their presence on the walls may interfere with the placement of simulators.
  • Thirdly, when organizing a given room at home, it is best that the doors open to the outside of the room or are completely sliding. In this case, the sudden arrival of someone from the family members will not cause inconvenience to the student at the simulators. The same can be said about the windows, with which the matter is much simpler today, since their modern version allows not to open the sash wide open, but only to slightly open it, setting it to the ventilation mode in the upper position.




Also mandatory in the room sports is a mirror. Its size should be such that a person could easily see himself in full growth, practicing on any of the simulators. This is necessary not in order to admire the results achieved, but in order that the practitioner can independently control the correctness of the exercises.



Wall and floor decoration in the home gym

If we talk about the proper decoration of the walls, then, first of all, it should complement the design of the room and be made of those materials that normally respond to excessive moisture. In this case, the most economical option would be plastering the walls for painting or wallpapering. A more expensive option, but at the same time more solid is the decoration of the walls with clapboard or other elements of wood. When finishing the walls in the gymnasium, in no case should you choose ceramic tiles and plastic panels.



These materials are airtight and will cause a greenhouse effect in the room, which will be extremely uncomfortable for the student. In addition, the plastic panels on the walls do not look very good, making the design of even a very "cool" hall very cheap.



With regard to the floor, then arranging a gym at home, you need to understand that practicing these or other exercises can create a certain noise. Therefore, most often in the premises of this assignment arrange floating screed. In this case, all oscillatory movements will not be transmitted from the floor to the walls, and the noise will be less audible. It is better to choose carpet, cork or rubber coating as an optimal floor covering. These materials will not only provide normal depreciation during exercise, but also help to muffle the noise produced by the simulators.



All of the above rules are the most basic when building a mini gym at home. If they seem too complicated to someone, and you still really want a private gym, then today you can find ready-made houses with gyms and buy them instead of the usual housing. In this case, the athlete will only need to buy the required simulators, the list of which depends only on how and what the person wants to do.