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Metal and wooden racks for the garage: the advantages of choice (24 photos)


The garage is not only the place where the car is stored. Here the owner of the car stores a large number of related tools and accessories. In order for everything you need for your car to be kept as comfortable as possible and not clutter up the space, it is recommended to use such a practical device as shelving.



To select shelves, you need to adopt a large number of important nuances. First of all, you need to know where the shelves will be located and what will be located on them. For proper selection of racks, it is necessary to know such important characteristics as size, construction material, load, fixing and installation features. Shelves for the garage today can be purchased in finished form. If you could not find the optimally suitable option in the store, then you can order a similar design to order, specifying your parameters.

Metal racks for the garage are the perfect solution for storing garage accessories. They are durable, lightweight, comfortable and have a small weight. One shelf can withstand a mass of up to 120 kilograms. If you use reinforced shelves, they can easily withstand a load of up to 300 kg.




Every car owner knows that in order for the tire to last as long as possible, it is necessary to ensure its proper storage. For these purposes, it is better to use special racks. With discs, tires must be stored vertically, and without discs horizontally. By installing a special beam instead of the top shelf, you can get a safe place to store tires. You do not have to resort to using companies that provide tire storage services.

Wooden shelving in the garage will be a great solution for placing all the necessary accessories. Wooden models are lightweight and have high strength. In addition, they are ergonomic and functional.

If you chose wooden racks, then you should adopt the moment that they should be treated with antiseptic substances.

Such remedies help protect against mildew, rot and other adverse factors. Wooden models are made mainly from sketches. Sketches are developed individually depending on the parameters of the garage. Rack in the garage of the tree, made according to the sketch, helps to optimize the garage space. If you do not know how to make racks in the garage, then you can use the services of professionals.

Depending on the version, there are hinged and floor models. Suspended structures are fixed to the surface of the wall. As a rule, such structures are collapsible. For cleaning or major repairs, you can easily dismantle them and then install them back. The installation process does not take much time. Hinged models should be fixed on the walls, which have high strength. In addition, it must be remembered that the mounted models are not able to withstand excessively large loads.

Outdoor models are more popular. They are mainly characterized by the presence of collapsible design. This design can be easily assembled by hand. Floor designs are able to withstand much more weight compared to wall models. Floor racks are made in several forms. There are the following varieties:

  • mobile;
  • wall;
  • stationary;
  • island

Stationary shelves are installed on the floor. If necessary, they can be installed close to the wall, fixing the dowels. Mobile models are compact and have wheels in their construction. Such models are mainly used to store a small number of tools that should always be at hand. Wall constructions are mounted close to the wall. Operation of the shelves is possible only on one side. There are also island models. They can be operated from two sides.



There are also models that, if necessary, can rotate around its axis. Such shelves are often used to store a large number of small items. It is convenient to store nails, bolts, nuts, etc. in this design. Using it, you save time on finding the right tool.

Increased demand for modular modular racks for the garage. Such models can be easily modified for a variety of needs. You can always easily increase the number of shelves and racks. If you suddenly make room, the unwanted shelves at any time, you can easily remove.



Variety of shelves for shelving

Shelves in the garage must meet certain requirements. First of all, they must be strong and able to withstand heavy loads. They should not be deformed by a large load.

Installation of shelving is made on any type of flooring. It can be tile, concrete, wooden floor. Shelf legs are made using anti-slip coatings. If there are wheels, they should be equipped with a stopper that will help prevent accidental movement. Designs that are made in the factory, are distinguished by accuracy, precise geometry, attractive design. The assembly of such structures is carried out quickly and does not take much time.