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How to use the remnants of wallpaper for interior decor? (52 pictures)

Even when the repair is completed, the owners are in no hurry to throw out the remnants of the wallpaper, because they can be useful if you have something to glue. But the excess material can be used otherwise! We will tell you what can be made from the remnants of wallpaper to decorate the interior of the house.

Wall decoration

Design with plain wallpaper or repeating pattern often looks dull and trite. Let's find out how to fix it.

Single wall accent

Often, after repairing, not only pieces remain, but also a couple of rolls. To re-paste the room, this amount of wallpaper will not be enough. But for one wall should be enough.

The accent wall makes the interior of the room spectacular and original. Different surface color draws attention to itself. So you can emphasize some piece of furniture or look away from something unattractive. With emphasis, you can zone the space.


If there are several types of wallpaper, then try to combine them. Cut them into squares of the same size. They can paste over the whole room or just one wall. Patchwork wall will become a bright accent in the room or divide the room into several zones. This design is ideal for children's bedrooms, as well as rooms in vintage style. The only thing you need to be careful with is the choice of color. Try to main shades were not more than three.

False panels

Another way to quickly and inexpensively update the interior. False panels are glued on top of the main trim on smooth wallpaper or painted walls. This finishing option is suitable for a classic style, so you can add solemnity to the room. It is preferable to imitate panels to use a thick canvas with neutral patterns, floral motifs are allowed. After the wallpaper panels are dry, they need to be framed with plastic or wooden planks. Frames can be made in a contrasting color or tinted color.

Against the background of false panels usually hang mirrors, lamps, watches or paintings.

Headboard decor

From the remaining wallpaper can be made headboard, if it is not. This usually happens if the bedroom is small, as beds with massive headboards are more common in spacious rooms. You can simply paste over a part of the wall behind the bed with wallpaper of a different color, you can give the headboard some form. The choice depends on your taste preferences. Against the background of a monophonic wall, wallpaper with a pattern will look gorgeous, especially if you pick up bed linen with similar patterns.

Figures in the nursery

To decorate a children's room, you can cut out various figures from the remnants of wallpaper with your own hands.

Examples of figures:

  • animals and birds;
  • letters, numbers, geometric shapes;
  • plants;
  • little men;
  • cars, trains, airplanes;
  • butterflies, ladybugs;
  • fairy tale characters.

This option is good for the fact that such decor can be done by children. Let your child show imagination and choose an application. Also, this technique will help disguise painted or stained areas of the walls.

Update old furniture

If you are tired of old furniture, get the wallpaper, which remained after the repair, and begin the transformation. Paper can paste the back walls of open cabinets and racks, the facades of the drawers and the front side of the doors. Furniture will look spectacular if the color of the wallpaper is in harmony with a touch of curtains and accessories. To emphasize a fresh look of the updated furniture it is possible by means of modern accessories. This way everyone can liven up the space. The main thing is not to rush to do everything neatly.

Step by step instructions for pasting furniture:

  1. The old coating must first be cleaned: remove the peeled paint with emery paper.
  2. Scratches and cracks putty. After drying, sand with sandpaper.
  3. Apply primer and wait until the surface is completely dry.
  4. Measure the surface and cut out pieces of paper of the desired size.
  5. Glue the pieces to the prepared surface, smooth well, so that there is no air left. It is better to use wallpaper glue or diluted PVA, so there will be more time to remove all the flaws. You can also use self-adhesive cloths.
  6. Apply a protective layer to the glued wallpaper. This film is made from primer or remaining glue.
  7. After drying, water-based varnish paper to protect the wallpaper from contamination. It is advisable to carry out the varnishing process first on the spare sheet.

Please note that after varnishing the paper sheet will become a couple of tones darker.

If you are working with dense vinyl wallpaper, you can skip the last two items, as they are easy to clean.

To update the coffee or desktop, even the glue is not needed. You just need to cut a piece of wallpaper the size of a tabletop. And then fix the paper with suitable glass. So you can at any time change the wallpaper or even remove them.

Home decor

If you do not want to carry out experiments on walls or furniture, and changes in the interior are necessary, you can use ideas to decorate home accessories.

Lampshade lamp

With the help of the remaining wallpaper, you can add the attractiveness of the old lamp. The shred of paper is selected according to the size of the lampshade, the wallpaper must be measured with a margin of a couple of centimeters. The stock is glued to the inside of the lampshade, so the edges look neater. If you pre-cut patterns on paper, they will be reflected on the walls when the lamp is on. You can additionally decorate the lamp with ribbons, laces, lace, etc., based on the interior style.

Banks and boxes

Storage tanks for all sorts of small things can also look attractive. Tin cans are easy to paste over with wallpaper residue. So that the paper is well laid down, you need to moisten it abundantly with glue. If desired, after drying, the jars can be further decorated with string, tags can be made with inscriptions, etc. Also glued and storage boxes for clothes, shoes, cosmetics. After the decor they no longer have to hide in the closet, standing on the shelves, they only add to the room of originality.

Flower pots, vases

It will be interesting to look pots for flowers, pasted over with wallpaper. Typically, standard pots are sold in boring monochromatic colors, and if you find something that looks spectacular, the price will be unreasonably high. You can avoid large cash outflows by making a bright pot yourself. Small patches of wallpaper are abundantly moistened with glue and applied to the surface. After the glue dries, the pot is covered with a layer of varnish.

Vazi simple form can be decorated even with textured wallpaper. Such an original product will decorate any home, so you can keep it for yourself or give it to someone.

If you liked the idea of ​​an accent wall, but there are not so many wallpapers left to completely paste over it, you can decorate the monochromatic surface with a composition from the frames. Insert fragments of wallpaper remaining after repair into photo frames. You can experiment with the size and shape of the frame, as well as the color and patterns of wallpaper, but do not forget about the stylistic features.


A stylish solution would be a panel of wallpaper residues. Products with a large pattern on paper look especially good. You can hang one large panel or several small ones; an interesting option would be a modular picture.

From the remnants of the wallpaper, showing imagination, you can do amazing things with your own hands. Spend a little time, and the interior of your home will be more comfortable and unique!