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Curtains on the dormer windows - features attic decoration (23 photos)

Attic space has long ceased to be used only for storing unnecessary things. Interesting magazine and Internet projects demonstrate the transformation of the attic into a full-fledged children's room, a stylish study. These examples inspire many owners of attics to convert square meters. Therefore, the popularity of skylights in recent years has increased significantly.

The windows are various: round, square, rectangular, complex shape. The main functions are lighting, ventilation, heat protection, tightness. Due to the inclined position of the frames, 30–40% more light enters the room than through traditional vertical openings. Installing roller blinds on the skylights is the easiest and most convenient way to control natural light.

Construction Characteristics

The principle of the device rollt - the fabric is wound on a special shaft (roller). The metal strip at the bottom of the material ensures uniform and stable movement of the web.
Advantages of fabric roller blinds:

  • do not crumple, always have a neat appearance;
  • simple operation;
  • long service life;
  • allow you to quickly adjust the level of natural lighting in the room;
  • lower the air temperature in the room on a sunny summer day;
  • do not fade, do not fade;
  • protect things, floors, room furnishings from ultraviolet radiation;
  • have a repellent effect;
  • possibility of self-assembly and installation inside / over the window opening;
  • a wide range of manufacturers and a wide price range;
  • variety of fabrics for a cloth;
  • stylish interior detail, the possibility of combining with other design options for openings.

Features of operation:

  • it is desirable to use dry cleaning cloth (with a brush or vacuum cleaner). Too soiled fabric can be wiped with a damp, soapy cloth. The best option is to use the services of dry cleaning;
  • for stable operation of the structure, it is recommended to lubricate the mechanisms with silicone solutions;
  • When equipping the premises with the "smart home" system and installing mechanisms with remote control, it is possible to program automatic opening / closing of the shutters at a certain time.

Set of roller blinds: composition and short description

Roller shutter systems are supplied as a complete set or designer. The set includes a shaft with a box, guides, a control system, a fabric web. For the manufacture of parts used steel, plastic, anodized aluminum. Color boxes and guides may be different. The most popular shades are metallic (gold / silver) or wood imitation.

When conducting independent measurements, it should be borne in mind that the parameters of the product are selected on the basis of the width and height of the frame (on the outer edges of the bead).

Features of the choice of materials for a rolled cloth

Curtains are made of cotton, flax, satin, silk. There are special requirements for fabrics:

  • the canvas should not sag (this quality is determined not only by the material, but also by the angle of inclination of the frame plane);
  • fabrics are offered in various densities: from translucent to completely darkening the room. When choosing it is important to take into account the purpose of the room, on which side the windows go. The fabric with the Black-out characteristic creates serious protection from the sun. Its special coating fully reflects the sun's rays and provides blackout. It is desirable to use such curtains for offices, bedrooms;
  • Thermo-spot coating contributes to the preservation of heat in winter and eliminates room overheating on hot summer days;
  • processing of fabric with antistatic impregnation, not attracting dust.

Management of roller shutters: types and brief description

Roller blinds for skylights are equipped with two types of spring mechanisms.

Open system

The canvas is fixed by the device. The fabric is always in a state of tension. The height of the position of the roller shutter is regulated by the hook of the lower stopper for the transparent hooks installed on the side of the opening. The canvas can be in the closed and open states or fixed at certain levels.

Such models should be installed on blind windows located at a level convenient for management.

Closed systems with mini-cassettes

Structures are placed in decorative boxes and equipped with brake mechanisms. To fix the canvas at the desired height, the curtain is lowered to the desired level and slightly raised up. With such movements of the shaft for a half-turn, the spring fixes the roller shutter. Removes the fixation by reverse actions. The canvas is lowered a half-turn of the shaft and sharply raised to the desired height, holding the control knob (located on the bottom bar). If the window is located high, then you can use an extension handle, 1 m, 1.5 m, 2 m.

Curtains are attached with screws or mounting tape. Guides are fixed on the frames with double-sided tape on the sides of the canvas.

Such rollt systems can be optimally installed on windows with tilt-and-turn frames.

The openings located at an inaccessible height are also decorated with fabric roller shutters with automatic remote control. Such models are equipped with electric, powered from the network or from solar panels.

Curtain Design

The most important point when choosing an accessory for a window is an understanding of how in the future all interior objects will be combined. And fabric shutters are no exception. An interesting feature of the rolled models - they can arrange windows themselves or act in an ensemble with other curtains.

In the combined version, the system is mounted on the window frame and performs an exclusively protective function. Companion are light transparent and translucent curtains, which are fixed in a certain way over the opening. To create a harmonious ensemble, curtains are sewn from patterned fabrics, and roller shutters are selected suitable monophonic. If there is no desire to allocate roller blinds, then the material is used in transparent white or in tone of the frame. This type of window decoration is suitable for mansards, in which there is a bedroom, recreation areas or relaxation.

In the standard version, the window opening is closed only by a roller blind. In this case, the window decoration performs both protective and design functions. Fabrics can be chosen to match the interior or make bright color accents. Plain shutters are suitable for stylish decoration of a business zone or office. Elegant fabrics with colorful patterns or pictures will give a cheerful mood to a children's room.

General recommendations when choosing and installing curtains

Properly selected roller shutters will give the attic a cosiness, keep freshness and comfort.

If the window openings are located at a considerable height, then to install roller blinds is better to use the services of professionals. This will help to avoid difficulties during measurement and installation. In addition, specialized firms provide warranty service for a certain period.

Structures are installed on the opening (in the case of "blind" windows) or mounted on the frame. For the high-quality operation of the mechanisms, the maximum parameters of the product are considered: width 1 m, height 1.5 m.

Wide guides are installed on windows with a width of more than 94 cm and with a tilt angle of more than 15 °. In other cases, narrow guides are used.

Non-standard solution for the decoration of the canvas - the use of photo printing. In this case, ordered an individual project for the design of curtains.

The price of the product is determined by the size of the window, the type of fabric, the type of control mechanism.

A variety of materials and models of rollt can seriously complicate the choice of a suitable option. After all, updating housing, you want to get not just an original and fashionable interior solution, but also a functional room. In order to beat the advantages and features of the attic, not to lose time for measuring and correct installation of products, it is desirable to use the services of specialists. Only professionals will be able to competently combine the characteristics of the room and the imagination of customers.