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Doors and laminate "bleached oak" - a noble breed in the house (21 photos)


Doors "bleached oak" in the interior and laminate of the same color successfully complement the style of any room. The universality of this color gives designers a wide field of action in the implementation of their projects. Bleached oak blends well with other colors.

Over the past decade, the construction industry has made great strides. On the building materials market, the appearance of bleached oak created a sensation. Initially, this material was made from natural oak, which was treated with special means.

Oak material has a high price, matte and embossed surface, quality and durability.

For decoration design indoors install interior doors "bleached oak". Cloths in harmony with the laminate of the same color. Thanks to high technology, high-precision equipment, the construction industry is progressing in its development.

Laminated flooring is divided into classes of strength. Today, often use the bright colors of flooring in the interior.

  • dust and stains from washing are not visible on the bright laminate;
  • Laminated oak color laminate has a noble, showy and expensive look;
  • light tone visually expands the room;
  • The laminate has the appearance of a rough, uneven and embossed surface, which gives it a natural look.

Light color of a floor is well combined in an interior with furniture from natural breeds of trees, and also with their high-quality imitation. This combination is perfect for the classical style and for a more modern, for example, modern or high tech. Laminated "bleached oak" in the interior will have an interesting and creative look if it is used in kitchens or bathrooms.



A special highlight in the interior will give kitchen furniture made of white oak in country style. Dark laminate flooring adds romance to the room. If you are not a fan of contrasting tones, designers recommend saturating your room with a light, creamy or coffee tone, where the floor and doors are lightly yellow.



If the color of the laminate is different from the tone of the blank door, it is recommended to build the design in contrast. For example, laminate ─ bleached oak, and door leaf ─ wenge. The skillful combination of tones will make the room more harmonious, stylish and comfortable.



Recommendations of specialists

  • You must consider the tone of the laminate with the predominant colors in the house. Failure to comply with this condition will give the interior an unnatural style. The premise will turn out pretentious and pretentious.
  • It is necessary to understand which tones will be used in the interior of the room, warm or cold. If warm tones are used in the interior, then a laminated coating of the same tones is used for the floor. Otherwise the unity of the style decision will be broken.
  • A variety of styles involves the use of different degrees of texture. Well-defined texture is perfect for country style. In a room with a classic style, it is recommended to use a softer texture of the laminate.
  • Laminate is considered a universal coating, but the selection of color and texture is still necessary. Before laying laminate flooring must be leveled. On a properly prepared floor laminate will not creak and swell.



Interior doors in white oak

The color of the bleached oak in the design of the premises used not so long ago, but he received wide acclaim. It was initially started to be used in the Scandinavian style, which differs from other styles in its cold tone and simplicity of lines in furniture sets. If you make a bleached oak floor covering, pick up furniture, a bleached oak door with glass, the room will look stylish and distinctive.

  • light beautiful material gives the product aesthetic appeal;
  • Doors of “bleached oak” color have an original and attractive design;
  • modern technologies make it possible to manufacture doors of various configurations;
  • practical and durable;
  • for the production of doors using clean, eco-friendly, veneered material;
  • resistant to mechanical stress and atmospheric phenomena.

The external attractiveness of solid veneered doors, an elegant and sophisticated look led to the widespread use of these products. Doors in the color of white oak are used not only for residential premises, but also for commercial offices, industrial and state institutions.

Entrance or interior doors are chosen depending on the overall interior of the house or apartment. These products serve as an excellent addition to the style of the whole room.

Doors-veneer is made from coniferous trees. The prepared bars are first glued together, and then on both sides they are glued to sheets of MDF. Bleached oak veneer is glued onto MDF sheets.