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Functional and beautiful kitchen: furniture arrangements (25 photos)


Comfort in the house is created with the help of a good interior. Special attention in this regard deserves a kitchen. This is a place where everything should be, not just beautifully arranged, but also to be as functional as possible. It is good if the kitchen has a sufficiently large size, which makes it possible to fit everything you need without any tricks. Quite another matter if the kitchen is small, and the needs for its equipment remain unchanged.



Basic kitchen elements

Naturally, there is a minimum list of furniture and kitchen appliances, without which you just can not do. And in order to arrange all furniture elements well and harmoniously, it is necessary to determine their quantity. These elements include:

  • working surface (tabletop, where the cooking process will be carried out, cutting products);
  • cabinets of different sizes for all kinds of kitchen utensils;
  • fridge;
  • a place to accommodate household kitchen equipment (microwave, food processor, electric kettle, etc.);
  • table and chairs;
  • area for washing and drying dishes;
  • gas or induction stove;
  • exhaust hood.

Quite a rather big list of necessary furniture makes one wonder how to arrange furniture in the kitchen so that it is both beautiful and functional.

When choosing a kitchen design, you need to start with the color of the furniture. Moreover, it is not necessary that everything be the same color, as long as the colors are in harmony with each other. It is also necessary to remember that the kitchen is the place where most of the time is spent, so the colors should be chosen to be better kept so that they do not overload with contrast.





Corner furniture arrangement

It is very difficult to determine how to arrange the furniture in a small kitchen, because everything in the kitchen should be functional. Arrange kitchen furniture in the form of the letter "g" for the owners of "crumb-kitchen" - this is the right decision. In this case, there is still a free corner, where you can place an angular sofa and a table instead of a table and chairs.



Kitchens with a small peninsula

With this arrangement, part of the kitchen furniture is built on one part of the wall, and one element, work surface or kitchen stove are located on another part of the wall, forming a peninsula. The convenience of such an arrangement is that no furniture is placed on this side of the peninsula on the sides along the wall, which gives free access from any side.




The location of the furniture with the formation of the island in the middle

Then of course you need a swing. This solution is suitable only for large-sized kitchens. The furniture is placed along one wall. Basically, these are cabinets and canisters for kitchen utensils, but the kitchen stove is either a sink or a work surface placed in the center of the room. These items can be grouped. With this placement in the middle of the kitchen, an "island" is formed, which makes it possible to approach it from any direction.



Arrangement of furniture in the form of the letter "P"

A good way, especially if the window is in the middle of the kitchen, and its window sill makes it possible to install a working surface in the form of its continuation.

Lengthening the window sill working surface, you visually increase the kitchen, besides comes a lot of light, and work much more convenient.



Custom solutions for kitchen

A non-standard approach is required for quite small-sized kitchens and kitchens with a balcony.

When arranging furniture, it is also necessary to remember the main rules and not to make mistakes, which then will bring only discomfort.

  • sink and gas stove is better not to install in the corner. Splashes of fat and water will constantly fall on the wall;
  • the stove must be placed away from the window, as drafts and gusts of wind will put out the fire;
  • pots, pans and other similar cooking utensils are best placed near the kitchen stove. With this in mind, it is better to install a cabinet near the stove for this purpose;
  • for convenient movement in the kitchen, it is necessary to keep a distance in the arrangement of kitchen furniture. For example, there should be at least one meter distance between the dining table and the kitchen wall;
  • The height of the table top (working surface) is very important. Height must be commensurate with the height of the person. On average, the height of the table top for convenience is set at a height of 85-90 cm from the floor level;
  • if the kitchen provides for the placement of a dishwasher, then it is better to install it near the sink. This is absolutely logical, because the water supply in the kitchen is located on one side;
  • placing the hood above the kitchen stove also requires special attention. Firstly, it must be placed clearly above the kitchen tiles, otherwise there will be no effect. Secondly, the distance between the surface of the plate and the hood should be on average 65-80 cm. With this arrangement, the hood will function correctly and will not interfere. Improper installation of the hood leads to poor functioning, as well as personal injury;
  • it is better not to place the sink right next to the kitchen stove. Splashes of water will fall on the hot surface of the stove, utensils, pans;
  • do not place the refrigerator near the entrance to the kitchen. This will visually greatly reduce the space in the kitchen. In addition, standing at the entrance of the refrigerator will constantly interfere with movement.