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Chaise lounge to give - stylish outdoor recreation (17 photos)

With the onset of summer, people's craving for nature increases. Many travel outside the metropolis in the suburbs to the country. Modern cottage - this is a house that has a landscaped area, often even there are estates with landscape design. Rest can be made more comfortable using the loungers to give.

Such an indispensable attribute of a modern summer resident as a chaise longue could not be ignored. It is very convenient to operate it, with each season it becomes more familiar and more popular. Modern designers strive to create the most comfortable and suitable furniture for outdoor recreation.

The choice of many summer residents fell on wooden chaise lounges for summer cottages, based on their relatively inexpensive cost. Not always the highest quality are expensive options. Usually gardeners want a deck chair to be durable and practical. Therefore, when you buy a close attention should be paid to the base and strength of the top. Only with a strong base it will be safe, comfortable and durable.

Varieties of country chaise lounges

Based on the material of manufacture, the chairs for the garden are divided into groups.

  • Lounge chairs made of wood. Environmentally friendly and most popular. For their manufacture are used solid wood, impregnated with water-repellent substances. The seat is covered with a thick cloth (filler is possible).
  • Metal loungers. Mobile due to the equipment of their design all sorts of adjusting devices and mechanisms.
  • Plastic chaise lounges. The most economical option. Very often bought for use in summer cottages in the summer. Such models are supplemented with soft pads, mattresses, and carpets.
  • Rattan beds. This material is eco-friendly, practical and durable. Due to the fact that it has a porous structure, rattan does not deteriorate under the influence of water.
  • Combined lounge chairs. For their manufacture using wood, plastic and metal.

By design loungers have a variety of performance. The choice should be made on the basis of their own desires. The most popular is the acquisition of models with an unusual design solution. Manufacturers offer a large assortment of transforming lounge chairs, such as a lounge chair. Folding chaise longue, if desired, can be transformed into a chair. There are also children's models that will make the rest of children in the country more comfortable.

The best choice is a folding lounger. It can be taken for fishing or nature. If the lounger is bought for permanent use by a large family, it makes sense to buy a chaise longue-sofa instead of a folding lounge chair. It will help to appropriately complement the design of your site with a guarantee of a pleasant and high-quality rest.

How to choose chaise lounges?

Ordinary loungers have three head positions: sitting, lying, reclining. This is the most balanced use case. In the case when the number of positions is less, it loses its universality, and if the number of positions is more - this is already for an amateur. Such beds, in principle, make it possible to adopt any desired position, but with a large number of transforming nodes, the structure becomes more vulnerable.

For many, leaving the country - it is a rest, in which the basic principles are peace and fresh air. The comfort depends on a chaise lounge on which the summer resident will settle down. According to the doctors, the air comes best when the camper is reclining.

The most comfortable is the lounger, in which the back and the seat are able to form a single line. The most ideal option is if this line is not even, but anatomically repeats the human body.

Choosing materials and design

For the manufacture of modern loungers used a variety of material. There are designs of fiberglass or cork. But the lion's share of models is made of plastic or metal with a fabric tension on them. Wooden loungers are also very popular. The choice of material for the lounger depends on the taste of the buyer. The material must be durable, do not deteriorate under the influence of water or sunlight.

When buying a metal lounger covered with a cloth, it is better to choose stainless steel or anodized aluminum for the frame. Fabrics with excellent quality will be dralon, bomul, that is, polyacrylonitrile fabrics. If the chaise longue is removed from the zone of direct exposure to the sun's rays or is installed on the veranda, cotton can serve as a fabric basis. You can also pay attention to the use of tick, rattan. They behave as well as possible when interacting with a moist environment and are not amenable to fungi and mold.

When you buy them close attention should be paid to the type of support, as it may be different. These models are made with a fixed support or swing.

In rocking chairs with a stationary support, the swinging process is carried out thanks to the integrated electronics, which is tuned to the vibro-training function. The advantage of this option can be called its reliable fixation. In loungers with swinging support, the swing function is carried out thanks to the support itself.

As a rule, cottage - a place to rest. And accordingly, there should be furniture that will be convenient for use in the garden. An ideal option for this is a country plastic chaise lounge. It is very light, compact, assembled, easy to operate. In the unfolded form, it is able to withstand a weight of up to two hundred kilograms, its width is sufficient for use by a person of any build. Its design is equipped with regulation of the position of the backrest and seating, it allows you to take a variety of poses, increases the level of comfort.

The advantages of loungers to give:

  • made in an attractive style;
  • easy and convenient in operation;
  • it is possible to install them in a convenient place for you;
  • easy and fast folding and folding;
  • storage takes up little space;
  • the mass of the structure is generally small.

The chaise lounge will become an irreplaceable attribute on your rest, it will help you to relax, have a rest from work and be filled with fresh air far from a noisy city. Choose a lounger that will help you bring your share of sophistication and comfort to your summer cottage.