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Tile in the living room: non-obvious possibilities (32 photos)


Previously it was believed that the use of tiles in a residential area should occur in certain areas, it was believed that it creates a cold and not so beautiful in the interior, so much attention was not paid to the tile, manufacturers "stamped" the same type of tile up to the size and the same quality (composition ). Over time, tastes and preferences began to change, the taste for design skills and an individual interior returned to the country. The tile began to be used not only in kitchen and a bathroom.



Today, tiles are used to decorate walls in the living room (vertically, horizontally, patterned, prefabricated), floor, fireplace, built-in aquarium (reptile pool), arches, flower beds.

Deciding to make quality and durability in the room where the repair takes place, giving preference to tiles, you can safely experiment in color solutions. Combining styles, create your own personal design.






Ceramic tiles for the living room is widely used in any variations: diagonally, vertically, horizontally, panoramic, and so on. Ceramic coating looks incredibly beautiful in large rooms, especially if it is a finished drawing:

  • panorama;
  • abstraction;
  • landscape;
  • panel;
  • frame.

Marble tiles for the living room on the floor - this is a more expensive type of decoration of the room, a timeless classic, beloved by many. This tile is used to increase the space, creates a pleasant atmosphere. Marble tile is very easy to fit, the picture looks perfect.

Tile for the living room - fashionable and comfortable, this is the main plus tile. It is especially good that such a tile is very thin and does not take quadrature. It is from this tile that a popular drawing of a chessboard is assembled.




Paving tiles for the living room on the floor, which many prefer to use at home, as it has the property of roughness and the appearance of natural stones, looks very impressive and unusual.

With the help of various types of tiles you can very well create the desired effect of space. To do more or less separate areas of housing, especially the living room, because it often has a large area.



Many find it difficult to navigate how to do better, what color to choose, model and type of tile. It is worth knowing one single rule that will be useful forever and absolutely everyone: light tones increase, dark tones reduce space. Such a simple combination technology will help get rid of unnecessary worries and make the necessary and right decision.



To reduce the area, it is enough to take the darkest shades, but to increase, it is better to use a few tricks. Light color will increase the space, but not as much as if using both techniques, then the zone will become even larger.

Diagonal tile combinations will tremendously expand the living room, and the light color will make it lighter and more radiant.

It will be great if at the same time everything is used decorative tiles - patterns are a sign of luxury and taste!



Tile decoration and living room interior

Tile murals

Bright and unusual drawings, often fantastic, like 3D and graphics appeared on the tile relatively recently and have already become a favorite topic among young people, but the older generation are not averse to diversifying their interiors!



3D tile

Quite expensive, rare and is just beginning to gain momentum in sales and production. The dream of housewives and business women, oligarchs and ordinary workers. Out of competition, this is the most expensive and unrealistically beautiful tile. It can be used in any area of ​​the dwelling.



This is only a small fraction and more popular decorative tile designs. Children and adults simply can not stay in the store and be sure to touch the sparkling products.

There are many interesting styles, their combination and even a kaleidoscope of styles. Of course, to create something incredible, special and flawless, connecting many styles into one whole, only a professional artistic designer-designer can do it, but anyone who wants can work on one particular style independently and quite well.

It is impossible to ignore such interesting moments as making the living room more comfortable, modern and pleasing to the eye.

  • Heated floors will be an excellent addition and will create a pleasant atmosphere for guests - slippers, colds, foot discomfort (cold) will be a thing of the past.
  • Fresh flowers, big and beautiful, in pots or flowerbeds from a tile will perfectly fit into any interior. They will serve as a freshener, air purifier and look luxurious.
  • If there is a staircase or curb in the living room, they should definitely be supplemented with either a decorative tile or a designer tile. Though it is expensive, it can bring incredible chic to the interior!



These three small, at first glance, subtleties have a broad meaning; using them in the living room will only be a plus!