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How to install a bath with your own hands


When repairing the bathroom sometimes you have to replace the plumbing. Therefore, the inevitable question is how to put the bath. Working with this bulky subject is very difficult. The main thing here is the correct sequence of actions. Most often, people are interested in how to install an acrylic bath.

First you need to prepare a place. The floor should be perfectly flat and dry; the drain connection pipe should be free from dirt and dried. Water must be turned off beforehand.

Drain connection

Usually the drain is connected using a corrugated hose, it is very convenient, since it can be pulled out to any distance. If you use plastic pipes to drain the bathroom, measure the distance to them in advance.

The most important process is the installation of the exhaust pipe. All designs are equipped with a bottom outlet, and since the distance between the floor and the bottom of the bathroom is very small, it is very difficult to get close to the release. Therefore, when installing a siphon, you have to experience inconvenience and you can hardly do without an assistant.

Work execution technology

One person presses the outlet part of the siphon to the bath sink, the second one inserts the neck and twists it. For tightness it is necessary to put a gasket lubricated with silicone sealant between the bottom of the bath and the siphon outlet from the outside so that water does not pass.

Then you need to connect the hose to the neck of the overflow. The technology of its installation is as follows:

  • put a plastic nut on the hose;
  • put a wedge-shaped plastic gasket on the nut with a sharp end to the end of the hose;
  • connect the siphon with the sewer riser with a rubber cuff;
  • Insert the hose into the knee tube and tighten the nut.

Screw the second end of the overflow hose to the siphon, and proceed to the screwing of the neck. Do not forget to tightly press the hose to the overflow hole. In order not to overtighten the threaded connections, tighten them by hand. Try to bend the corrugated siphon tube to a minimum to eliminate the possibility of blockages.

At the end of the work, check that the installation is correct: pour water into the bath and drain it. If somewhere is leaking, unwind everything and re-install.

Now we need to install. There are several ways to install a bath.

The technology of the installation of any model of differences has a bit. But there are some nuances. How to install a cast iron bath yourself? When installing it, the siphon cannot be pre-installed. This plumbing is too heavy, it can not be put in its place in a limited space.

Typically, cast iron models have special holes for the legs. Therefore, the bath is placed on its side and screwed legs. Additional mounts are not needed. If the floor is covered with tiles, it is better not to put the cast-iron bath on the tile, as the tile can be destroyed by gravity.

How to install a steel bath? Its installation is carried out in the same way as acrylic, but there are some small features. It necessarily requires grounding, since it has high electrical conductivity.

Also, steel models are too noisy, so they need to be soundproofed. Since the metal bath is very thin, it is better to make a brickwork under it to give stability. Under each leg should be put rubber pads, so that without water, it does not budge.

Installation of acrylic baths

The most common type of bath in homes around the world is acrylic. How to install an acrylic bath? Its installation is not easy, as acrylic is a very sensitive material and is easy to damage. It is better not to buy acrylic plumbing in advance, during long-term storage, it can be deformed.

If the model comes in the basic configuration, it goes without additional fasteners. How to install an acrylic bath? If you bought a model without legs, you can install it on a brick frame. But it is desirable to buy in an expanded configuration, with a frame or legs for installation, drain-overflow, sets for installation.

Angle design has its own specifics. The choice of brick supports for corner models depends on their shape and features. How to install a corner acrylic bath on bricks? Frames of bricks lay out:

  • a triangle repeating the shape of a bath;
  • in the form of the letter "P" in the direction of expansion;
  • simple monolithic rectangle;
  • in the form of two pillars covering the structure along the entire length;
  • solid box, which then "put on" the bath. Installed in this way the frame is very durable.

Knowing how to install a corner bath of acrylic, it is easy to apply these methods for steel products.

How to set the bath yourself to the desired height? Usually it is put on a standard height, if you decide to make it your own height, you can put it on brickwork and decorate it with a special screen from below.

To effectively use the space under the bathroom, it is better to decorate it with a screen. How to install the screen under the bath? There are many options for screens, there are those that are sold with shelves.

Can be purchased in the bathroom design with drawers. But more often they install simple PVC panels, which are sold in specialized stores. This is the most budget, easy to install option. The design consists of two plastic panels enclosed in an aluminum frame.

Acrylic baths are sold with ready-made PVC panels, as you can easily install an acrylic bath yourself, and the panels are also attached to them with their own hands. The sequence of installation of the panel on the acrylic bath is as follows:

  1. Mark the center of the PVC screen mounting plate on the side of the bathroom;
  2. Attach a PVC screen and wind up its upper part between the mount and the side of the bath;
  3. Screw the mounting studs to the bathroom frame;
  4. Attach the PVC screen to the bathroom with self-tapping screws.

Bathroom installation is a responsible process. When installing it, there are many technical issues. And if you install an acrylic bath with your own hands, you will still have to invite specialists to install the hydromassage model.