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Mirror ceiling in the room (17 photos): expanding the space


If you like non-trivial solutions in the interior, you can choose a mirrored ceiling with lighting. Having decorated them with the premises of your apartment, you will increase their true size and bring romantic mystery into the design of the house.

Mirror ceiling will be a great solution for small apartments. He visually expands the space. This effect is based on the physical principle: reflecting the rays of light, the glossy surface doubles its quantity. This is especially important for narrow corridors and hallways. The mirror does not have its own color, it reflects the colors of other objects, it allows you to fit them into any design. If you decide to make a mirrored ceiling in your apartment with lighting, you need to decide on its appearance.

Types of mirrored ceilings:

  • tension film
  • lath,
  • panel,
  • tiled.



In which rooms do mirror ceilings

A competently designed design project will radically change the premises of the apartment, give them sophistication and luxury. Mirror ceiling can be installed even in the toilet.

In the living room

Living room - a special place in the house, so the design of the ceiling in it plays an important role. Mirror cladding pretend to the most spectacular view of the ceiling finish in the hall. There is no need to talk about the advantage of this decor, it is more difficult to choose the desired option. From almost all types of mirrored ceilings, a refined living room interior is created. If real mirrors are used, then the ceiling in the hall looks gorgeous. But this design is too expensive. Therefore, you can choose plastic coatings.




Advantages and disadvantages of mirrored ceilings

All types of mirrored ceilings have many advantages:

  • make the ceiling visually high;
  • the room becomes much lighter;
  • have good resistance to moisture and chemicals;
  • easy to install;
  • expand space;
  • have good sound insulation;
  • can be mounted on uneven surfaces.