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TV stand in the living room interior (18 photos)

The vast majority of families prefer to spend their evenings watching television. This piece of home appliances has become for many a true friend. Therefore, in the living room the best place is given to the TV. Many have it on a special suspension, but not all prefer this choice. Some believe that due to the weakening of the mountings, an expensive LCD plasma may fall on the floor after a time.

The stationary TV stand changes the overall design of the room and gives it comfort in a positive way. It does not stand out from the background of the TV, but on the contrary, emphasizes its presentable appearance. The range of pedestals, tables and dressers under the LCD is very wide, you can choose exclusive models for both Provence, Classic and Modern style. Do not be afraid to experiment and implement bold solutions!

How to choose a TV stand

A cabinet or a long small cabinet with drawers will become the best option for an LCD TV in the living room; The industry produces various types of TV stands. Consider the criteria for choosing a cabinet, table or chest of drawers for TV, so as not to be disappointed in the choice.

Matching type of bedside and style of the room

A table, wardrobe, chest of drawers or TV stand should fully comply with the style of the room. For the modern style or the classic does not fit the aged white glossy stand in the style of Provence. Something exclusive is required here.

It is desirable that the furniture wall and nightstand were the same color. Do not buy too fancifully wide stand or chest of drawers, on them LCD TV will look like a “foreign body”. If you have purchased a silver-colored model, then a glass table on a dark matte basis is suitable for it. For the TV in the black case more suitable table made of transparent glass.

Thumbs color

Color cabinets or cabinet can be any, but it is desirable that their shade was present in the room. For the Provence style, a small white dresser or an elegant table will suit. If you did not find a table, dresser or rack of a suitable color, you can beat them with an armchair or carpet of the same tone, the design of the room will only improve. But the color scheme should not be in resonance with the general appearance. It is better if the cabinet and furniture wall or cabinet with drawers will be the same color. Today, manufacturers make modular TV cabinets in various shades. You can choose classic black or white, as well as the color of wood: walnut, wenge. Wenge wood is combined with the flowers of other trees: walnut, bleached oak, olive. Black thumbs up look beautiful in modern interiors, they seem to merge with the TV panel, making the space even larger.

Matching the size of video equipment and cabinets

Choose a cabinet or table under the TV LCD preferably not less than TV, and better - quite long. In this case, you can put various useful trifles on their shelves. On a small narrow rack DVD player can go beyond the shelf, which creates a dangerous situation. Consider the diagonal of the TV, the cabinet should be a little more than its length so that the corners of the TV do not hang down. Also pay attention to the height: the TV stand should not have a height below 70 cm.

If the room is small, it is better to buy a narrow modular rack with drawers, corresponding to the size of the living room. It does not look bulky and allows you to keep the unique elegance. You can fit it into the furniture wall. For a small room ideal minimalist angular structure. When choosing a pedestal, keep in mind that the furniture in the spacious trading room seems much smaller.

What load stands stand?

Choose durable and reliable design, this is an important criterion, since modern TV models and additional video equipment are quite heavy. Especially if you prefer to add your TV with satellite equipment, a DVD player and other video equipment. A stand in a wall or a specialized cabinet can withstand a very large load. Well, if it has long wide shelves or drawers, they strengthen the structure.

Selection to the size of the room

Owners of small apartments do not want to lose a single square centimeter of usable space. In this case, it is advisable to choose a narrow cabinet in the Art Nouveau style with various shelves, doors and drawers in which you can put additional equipment, fold the wheels. Well, if it enters the furniture wall. Also fit functional corner models with a large number of boxes. It is preferable to choose the white glossy color of the doors. Hinged pedestals allow you to create a spacious atmosphere, they resemble a spacious shelf that adorns the entire wall.

Optimal shape

Curbstones under the LCD TV are now allowed in various forms: rectangular, polygonal, round, long, high and low, abstract forms. Your choice should depend on the interior design and layout of your apartment. If your furniture is Provence style with smooth curves, it is better to choose a white oval bollard. For modern rooms in modern style, a corner stand in walnut color will do. For connoisseurs of comfortable TV viewing, turning models with a table-top turning on bearings will be in demand.

Cabinet material

A variety of materials allow with maximum naturalness to enter the cabinet into the interior. Furniture manufacturers produce:

  • wooden;
  • metal;
  • glass;
  • from chipboard;
  • from MDF.

Curbstones from solid wood look solid. Fundamentally looks in the interior in the style of Provence cabinet of solid wenge or walnut. These breeds are famous for impact resistance, resistance to bending, wenge resistant to fungus and various insects. Not terrible for an array of wenge and high humidity. Given the high cost of furniture from wenge and walnut, not everyone will allow themselves to buy a full-fledged set. But the purchase of small cabinets from solid wood will be able to master many families.

Wooden TV cabinets are available in different types, they are suitable for classic designs, for modern apartments or stylized antique in the style of Provence or shebbi-chic of glossy white and any pastel color. For modern styles, walnut is most in demand - with a picturesque pattern and beautiful texture. Since natural wood is very expensive, many people choose modular TV cabinets from veneered chipboard or MDF with glass shelves.

Metal designer stands look very impressive, but they are heavy and expensive, because they are bought only by lovers of high-tech style or for loft interiors.

Glass models are made of tempered glass with polished edges. For lovers of the original interior, corner cabinets or a table with shelves of transparent plexiglass or mirrored will suit.

And the last important tip: buy certified products.