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How to choose the door to the bathroom (20 photos)


Replacing the bathroom door requires taking into account many parameters, which are often forgotten when installing standard interior doors. The door in the bathroom should be reliable, climate-resistant, from moisture-proof material. We choose interior doors according to a different principle, the main thing is that the door should have a beautiful color and have an attractive appearance.

The doors in the bathroom from solid oak are very durable, if you cover them with varnish in several layers. Oak, of course, is very strong and good material, but it is very expensive. Therefore, if you consider only budget options, it is better to omit the oak. An alternative way to purchase doors of pine.

Wooden doors fit literally any design. You can choose both light wenge and dark wenge. If you choose wood, it will serve you in any case for a long time, because it has decent performance characteristics.

An excellent option would be to install a laminated door. The main thing is that the ends of the laminated door should be covered with PVC tape, and not with special paper. In this case, melamine is not peeling off at the ends of the door.

Laminate can imitate literally any structure, and also laminated doors are perfectly washable. Doors with such artificial veneer have an acceptable price.



About plastic doors

Plastic bathroom doors are resistant to high humidity, they do not need special care, and fairly light ones are ideal, so if you stay on it you won’t regret it.

The only disadvantage of plastic doors is that usually plastic doors are made only in white, and this may not be suitable for the design of your bathroom.

PVC-coated bathroom doors perfectly protect doors from external factors such as small scratches and splashes. Doors with PVC coating are suitable for any interior, because PVC coating imitates wood texture and can be painted in any color you like. The cost of doors with PVC coating is low, and besides, they look pretty decent.



About glass doors

Glass doors to the bathroom are in great demand. And this is not surprising. Glass doors have many advantages, for example, excellent water resistance, small thickness, high strength and unlimited decorative possibilities. The glass door will not lose appearance.

Doors for bathroom and toilet are usually 60 centimeters wide. But before you put a modern door, it is better to compare the size. Measure the doorways with a tape measure. When measuring, remember that in the bathroom put a door frame with a small threshold.



About sliding doors to the bathroom

Sliding doors to the bathroom are in great demand. There are many advantages at the door of the compartment, they are not revealed wide-open, but move a little to one side, for example, like in the wardrobes. If you decide to install sliding doors to the bathroom and toilet, then they will perfectly complement the interior and will look quite aesthetically pleasing. The big plus is that the sliding doors for the bathroom do not take up much space, as happens with hinged doors.



About the design

When choosing a door for a bathroom, the design of the door plays a special role, since the features of opening and closing depend on it. There are different options:

  • Shield - a design that is closed on both sides of the MDF sheets, inside it is filled with cardboard. Such a door will not be deformed.
  • Paneled - frame, panels and srednjaki (wooden sticks, which are usually pinched in the frame). This door will not respond to temperature changes.
  • Tsargovye - vertical bars, connected with transverse bars. Such designs are famous for their diverse designs, since they can be embedded in glass pieces and make a unique design.
  • Molded - a design of large glass, framed moldings racks. These doors have a stylish design, but low noise insulation.