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Hanging bed in the interior (21 photos): a floating place for rest

More and more you can see unusual design solutions in the bedroom. A bed is a key figure in the interior of this room. Much depends on the location of the room, its size and the preference of the owner of the bedroom. Ideally, if the bedroom is moved to the attic, because there you can place a hanging bed. With proper imagination, such an unusual bed will complement the space of the apartment. The main thing is to have enough space for hanging such a swing.

The peculiarity of the soaring bed

Most of the beds that are attached to the ceiling, resemble cozy nests. They want to dig in and wait out all the hardships. This is an incredibly comfortable bed-swing, giving the feeling of flying in a dream. This original furniture has its own characteristics that should be considered:

  • For kids, this furniture is not suitable. With a great desire to save the situation can only a number of additional mounts. Children's bed must be well fixed and exclude the possibility of injury.
  • If you are suffering from seasickness, then such a bed does not suit you at all.
  • Installing a bed-swing is quite laborious and high in the price category. If you want to sleep in a safe place and do not worry that the bed breaks, then you should not save on it.

If you are not sure that the ceiling will be able to withstand the load, then pay attention to the round or oval models. Although it seems that they are more suitable for giving, they also look amazing in an apartment. Such models are much easier and easier to install.

No matter where you hang the bed, be it in the interior of the villa, or in the attic of your house - the bed on the suspended structures is always a very special, extravagant element.

The key point is that the bed does not just complement the interior, but fully fit into it in style and color. It is necessary to take into account all the points. For example, a hanging bed of a rectangular shape looks bulky. While round creates an effect of grace.

Pros and cons of the air box

Beds suspended from the ceiling construction have no legs touching the floor. That is what adds weightlessness to the interior.

  • Additional space for light and air appears.
  • With a floating bed, there is every opportunity to create the floor you want. You can pay special attention to the flooring, make it a work of art.
  • If you decide to create a dresser under the bed of the same shape, where you will keep things, then you will create a feeling of a levitating bed, but the effect of the free floor will disappear.

Moments that make up certain difficulties or inconveniences should also be taken into account.

  • The difficulty of installing such a bed in the installation. Hanging bed can be fixed to the ceiling, or mounted in the wall.
  • Upon reaching a visually unloaded space, a suspended bed is not able to save space. It will always be the center of the interior, occupying a significant part of it.
  • Cleaning will have to do much more often. Since the open floor must remain clean.
  • The flying bed is always swinging. For some, this is a plus, but for someone a disadvantage. Someone loves "motion sickness" in a dream, and someone's movement of the bed during any movement can be annoying. If you consider yourself to be the last, then the cradle for an adult is a minus for you - you should choose a hanging bed on a rigid fixed construction.

Hanging bed mounting options

The fixture that sustains you and the bed is the main key point in all suspension systems. Consider that the surface to which you will fasten the bed should be very reliable and durable. That is, decorative ceiling beams do not fit a priori. To the unreliable walls and ceiling massive suspended bed is not attached.

The most important thing in a suspended bed is a proper and secure fit that will support the weight of the bed and the people sleeping on it. Most of the hanging beds are double beds. The bed, like a swing, looks very romantic, but should be safe. The strength of the mounting surface is very important, that is, it is not possible to mount a massive suspended bed on a wall made of plasterboard or on a thin decorative ceiling beam.

Suspended bed mounting for ceiling

The most used bed fixing option is the ceiling one. To imagine this type of attachment, it is worth remembering garden sofa swings. The fundamental moment in the suspension of an air bed is to make the correct calculation of the power of its mounting, which will bear not only the load of the structure itself, but also the people who will use this bed.

The classic option - anchor hinges, mounted in the ceiling, or a beam, if it is an attic. Through them ropes or chains are passed, at the ends of which the bed is fixed. This is a soft mount that allows the bed to swing. If you want to limit its amplitude, you can hang the bed close to the wall or in the corner. In order not to upholstery the walls, it is necessary to build a buffer of felt or rubber, attaching it to the wall.

Mount the bed to the wall

The bed looks magically fascinating if visually fixing will not be visible at all. It creates the effect of levitation of furniture in the air. The bed does not touch either the floor or is fixed to the ceiling, but is in a state of soaring.

So that the bed does not resemble a swing, it is quite difficult to strengthen the bed to one wall, since such a construction requires a very powerful reinforcing mesh, which will be the bearing basis. It is much easier and safer to install the bed in the corner. Then it can be mounted on two flat supports mounted in the wall. If the bed is very heavy, then you can use the inconspicuous trick - in the center of the bed is added one discreet leg, which is almost not visible from the outside.

Sometimes the overhead lift bed is attached to one wall in the manner of upper shelves in trains. This will give rest a touch of travel. Especially if the beds do two-story. Such option of beds can be used in the nursery, or in rooms of small metric area. If the bed is lifting, it will save a lot of space. This option is ideal for small apartments.

Double bed hangers

Hanging bed can also be strengthened by an anchor stretch from below. It can be performed in the center of the base of the bed, or organized around the edges or corners. This will allow the bed to remain dynamic, but not hang out from side to side. This option of stabilizing the position of the bed in space is used if there are children in the house, or people who do not tolerate rocking. Upper anchors should be made of very strong alloys.

Bed swing can be strengthened as a hammock, stretching it between two walls. This method is not convenient for a spacious room, but is ideal for a narrow bedroom.

Bedroom, nursery or cottage?

What place to choose for a suspended bed? Be creative and hang the bed in the attic of your own home. Choose any suitable mount that holds your sleeping swing securely. Turn the attic into a cozy bedroom or a place where you can spend a cozy romantic evening in the company of a good book and a cup of hot chocolate, watching the snow flakes smoothly circling outside the window. A warm bachelorette party can take place in such a unique room, into which your attic will turn.

The country house equipped with a suspended bed can become a favorite place for rest of your guests. A small bed located on the terrace of the dacha contributes to the rest not only of the body, but also of the soul, because it is accompanied by the contemplation of nature. Placing a bed near the pool is a great idea. Like ancient Roman stove benches again surfaced from the depths of history.

The lifting bed option is a powerful tool for saving insufficient space in the interior. It can be applied both in the nursery and in the country. Often the beds that fold to the wall are designed for one seat. No matter how, the hanging bed is ultrafashionable and over the original, despite the fact that it has deep historical roots.