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White kitchen design (21 photos): we expand the space and create coziness


White kitchen - the leader of the design market. It's all about unobtrusive and versatile interior. And most importantly, such a kitchen is easy to complement with bright ideas and arrange according to your taste, without fear of being wrong. The weighty advantage of white kitchen falls small rooms. But there is an audience that does not dare to draw up a room in snow-white color, so that the design of a white kitchen does not look boring, the designers offer to diversify it with bright accents.

The classic reception of many professionals - bright accessories. If your kitchen has a white apron, facades, floors, walls, ceilings and even a bar counter, then it will change with bright little things.

  • You can add bright curtains, tacks, tablecloths on the table, pillows on chairs or frames on the walls.
  • Available and interesting solutions and technology. Firms produce refrigerators of the most unusual colors, which replace many of the usual white color. It is unusual to meet in the modern kitchen fridge black color.
  • Another original idea - adding golden and silver shades to a white kitchen, a silvered tabletop with a similar island, or golden plinths, borders, slats and curtains on the windows - all this will add a unique elegance to the interior.
  • Dilute sterile white can be a tree. A wooden table top, a cabinet or shelves can complement the interior, bring a little harmony and refinement into it. Oak in this case, the most compatible material. You can decorate the kitchen in Provence or Classic style.

  1. Shades of green: light green, mint, olive, pistachio, herbal, avocado - non-standard solutions that will help to recreate the natural atmosphere of peace and freshness.
  2. Pastel colors, as well as cream, milky, champagne, pearl, ivory color diversify the snow-white mood, not allowing the kitchen to merge into a single tone.
  3. Red in combination with white is characteristic of modern cuisine in the style of high-tech or minimalism. Often, the white glossy kitchen is complemented by facades or an apron in red.
  4. For black colors, effectively diluting the whiteness of the room, characterized by futuristic originality. Any style from avant-garde to classic can include these two colors. Moreover, any shade can dominate or complement the atmosphere.



The advantages of white in the interior. Designer Tips

By adding a couple of bright original touches, you can make the kitchen stylish, but comfort and harmony are created with the help of secrets that are not known to everyone. In this case, designers are advised to perform the kitchen in white colors, as it will be a winning background for any experiments.

  • A color of purity like no other is suitable for a place where food is cooked and awakens appetite for a cup of tea.
  • In addition, this color skillfully collects around a common palette, so any combination seems appropriate, together with bright accents.
  • White color is not amenable to trends, it is always in fashion.
  • Such bright and neutral colors skillfully create the effect of space and freedom.
  • Along with the serenity in white there is freshness and strength, as well as a positive note that energizes.
  • The universality of white color is that it is present in any style, so with the help of it you can embody any design idea.

Special attention deserves a small corner kitchen. It is acquired in order to increase the space in a small room. At the same time, designers recommend decorating the corner kitchen with open upper shelves, glass doors, the glossy surface of the apron or the facades of the lower cabinets. Small kitchen - a case where you should not play with colors - it is recommended to make white color dominant. It is convenient to work in the kitchen with a corner set, and accordingly, it is easier to wash it, so the question of sterility in many users is eliminated.



Provence white kitchen

Comfort Provence perfectly complemented by white color. And given that in this style prevails such material as wood: oak, pine, maple, which are best combined with light colors. The style is characterized by the lack of gloss, ornament, folk motifs and multi-colored curtains are welcome. Furniture Provence may be in bright colors, but be sure to have a deliberately worn look. A wardrobe in such a kitchen, as if it had sun-faded, conveys the spirit of the last century, and can be with specially worn white paint. This is the whole highlight of the style, which, with all its deliberate wear and tear, recreates the atmosphere of genuine peace and tranquility throughout the apartment.



White Country Kitchen

It should be noted related to Provence style - country, precisely because it is also characterized by white tone in combination with wood. All the same simplicity and comfort, modest decor is complemented by a slight negligence. This kitchen is similar to the hunter's haven, filled with clay pots, open shelves and all sorts of decorative things. Kitchens in this style with a bar counter are not found, tiles and other modern materials are not laid out on the floor. But you can often find shelves made of solid wood, voluminous heavy wardrobe with fancy doors in the style of a cowboy ranch, sets can be with a wooden island, there are beautiful curtains on the windows.



White kitchen in modern style

Such a style is a great way out for lovers of high-tech and classic. Such a design transition is always complemented by elements of other styles. The white facade of this kitchen can be glossy, plastic or acrylic. Matte flat surface can be single color. The floor is laid with light tiles, white laminate or linoleum is also spreading. Of great importance in this kitchen is lighting. Usually it is divided into several levels according to place and power, which allows you to give the room an interesting look. If the kitchen of white flowers is created in the modern style, then the technique of the same color is welcome.




White classic kitchen

Such a kitchen is a convenient option for those who are afraid to experiment. Such a design is not different individuality, but it will always be fashionable, relevant and unlike the high-tech or minimalism. Furniture made of wood, wall cabinets with corrugated handles and standard opening doors - all this can be found in the classics. The combination of white and wood is just the case. Furniture made of wood is represented by a large table, high chairs, kitchen facades and an apron with stucco. Lighting in the classics does not differ excessive luxury or cheapness - in all practicality and refinement are observed. On the floor can be lined with square tiles.