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Feng Shui bedrooms (50 photos): how to furnish the interior and choose the color scheme


The Chinese Feng Shui teaching, telling about the influence of thin materials and landscape features on human life and health, gives knowledge of how to equip your home with maximum benefit and avoid seemingly trifles that, if improperly located, can have a negative impact. Therefore, feng shui bedrooms, where a person spends up to 1/3 of his life, is of great importance.




Bedroom layout

Depending on the expected effect for the inhabitants, the arrangement of the bedroom according to Feng Shui may be very different:

  • To create a soothing atmosphere, which has to be completely calm, the northern direction will do. The bedroom located here will be good for partners with active sexual life;
  • The northeastern direction too activates vital energy and will suit very few;
  • For parents and people firmly on their feet, the north-west would be the best option;
  • The eastern direction helps to get a disturbing energy and is most suitable for young people;
  • For business and career growth, a good solution would be to arrange a bedroom in the southeast;
  • A bedroom in the south will favor passionate intimate relationships, while remaining elements should be carefully chosen, otherwise sleep and tranquility may be disturbed.

The placement of the bedroom should be related to the placement of the bagua zones and correspond to the sectors of the family, marriage or children.







The color design of the bedroom according to Feng Shui should reflect the desired psychological climate with regard to age:

  • All shades of green, blue and red are best suited for wallpaper bedroom adults;
  • If the bedroom is designed for children, the color of the walls is made in white, silver and golden colors, while the wallpaper is selected with a typical children's pattern - toys, flowers, animals;
  • For quietly sleeping and not waking up people it is recommended to arrange a bedroom in pastel soft colors, and for natures restless and emotional more saturated shades of wallpaper and bed linen will suit;






Furniture placement

Crucial in the teaching of feng shui about the interior of the bedroom is the correct placement of furniture. The main subject of the bedroom will always be a bed, and its location is very important:

  1. The bed is not recommended to be put against the door or the mirror, on the door-window line;
  2. The sharp corners of other interior objects should not be directed onto the bed: bedside tables, wardrobe or chair;
  3. The shape of the headboard can have a significant impact on life's achievements;
  4. The bed, like other interior items in the apartment, must have legs for the unobstructed circulation of vital energy. It should not be forgotten that one of the main rules of Feng Shui requires strict adherence to cleanliness and the absence of rubbish anywhere in the apartment, since dirt and debris contribute to the accumulation of negative stagnant energy.



A good solution would be to place a large mirror on the bedside table in the corner: a mirror reflecting the light will illuminate this part of the room, visually increasing it.






Bedroom interior

Placing interior with the application of the rules of Feng Shui involves primarily the definition of zones of Bagua in the room itself.

One of the main items of the bedroom interior (after the furniture) is a chandelier, located in the luck zone (center). From what kind of light will come from the chandelier, depends on the degree of illumination, and, therefore, the freedom of circulation shen-chi. At the same time, the chandelier should emit a soft, not cutting the eyes light, not creating a feeling of discomfort.




Feng shui to place plants in the bedroom is not a good idea, because they, like people, need oxygen. However, to improve the design of the apartment, you can choose some plants, taking into account their properties:

  • Chlorophytum, Spathiphyllum, Begonia, Sansevieria, Geranium. All these indoor plants produce more oxygen than they absorb;
  • Orchid will help in the affairs of creative individuals, but insecure people can hurt. Placing an orchid in the bedroom rules Feng Shui is prohibited;
  • Feng Shui peonies symbolize good luck and wealth, activate sexual energy. Is it worth it to put peonies in the bedroom, everyone decides for himself. After all, only one partner can be activated, and the appearance of disharmony will be inevitable;
  • Roses have always been a symbol and a guardian of love, but they do not tolerate rivals, so you should put them on the window alone. It should be remembered that cut flowers are short-lived, and only a plant in a flowerpot can cause long-term positive changes. The best destinations, as for other plants, are considered to be east, north, west, and southeast.







General tips

In order to equip the bedroom in accordance with the recommendations of Feng Shui, you should consider its location in the apartment and the individual characteristics of the owners. Only a specialist can make a full account of all the factors for drawing up the correct feng shui apartment. However, there are a number of general recommendations that must be followed in any case:

  1. The color scheme in the design of the bedroom should be as comfortable as possible and depend on its location: in the south-west and north-east - all shades of brown, in the south - various shades of red, in the north and north-west - blue and blue, in the west - shades silver, lilac and lemon;
  2. The placement of a mirror that reflects a sleeping person is not allowed; the presence of electrical appliances (especially those included) is undesirable;
  3. Beams or other objects that pose a potential threat should not hang over the bed. They can cause sleep disturbances or recurring nightmares;
  4. Water in any manifestations (paintings, aquarium, wallpaper) is not welcome in the bedroom. The water in this room, Feng Shui, can cause loss of property;
  5. Do not choose plants for the bedroom with a pungent smell, they can cause headaches and nervous disorders. The best option may be lavender and mint;
  6. A canopy over the bed can be a great solution for people with sleep disorders. The color and texture of the fabric should not cause discomfort, but only to calm;
  7. The shape of the bedroom should be correct. If there are corners or protrusions in the room, they should be corrected with reflective objects (crystals, wind music) or filled with furniture;
  8. Curtains of dark saturated shades will suit people with sleep disorders. In the daytime, curtains must be opened to saturate the room with the energy of light, in the evening and in the afternoon they should be closed. After all, a bedroom is the most intimate place in a house; here a person should feel most protected and calm.