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Baroque in the interior (19 photos): decoration and beautiful design of rooms


Baroque style in the interior is quite an old trend, however, in modern society there are quite a few supporters of this luxurious design that can make truly royal apartments from any apartment. Style combined pompous Empire and Rococo, but it has its own, special features. Consider in the article features a baroque interior design.

The Baroque style takes us to those distant times when beautiful ladies and equally beautiful gentlemen lived. In the luxurious baroque interiors you want to indulge in romantic dreams, to paint beautiful paintings, to do something beautiful. Baroque style in the interior - for people who want to feel like real aristocrats, surround themselves at home with exquisite things.





What stylistic features does this interior design have?

  • The Baroque style in the interior uses a reception of contrasting color combinations, which adds luxurious features to the interior of the house, making it alive. For reception rooms and bedrooms, this design is particularly suitable for design.
  • Despite its pomp, baroque - a dynamic interior. The abundance of decor, decoration, various small elements, selected harmoniously and tastefully, gives the interior of the living room or bedroom in the Baroque style an indescribable elegant look.
  • Magnificent decorativeness is the main feature of baroque style. And furniture, and curtains, and wallpaper - everything should be talking about wealth.
  • Fancy furniture and interior items have curved outlines, elegant legs and backs. The furniture is painted with paintings, the doors are decorated with gold and carvings. All elements of the apartment bear the stamp of luxury and deliberate museum decoration.
  • This style is characterized by rounding, both for Empire and Rococo styles. Therefore, the furniture is arranged in such a way as to make something rounded and elegant from any room, with a central composition in the middle of the room. This center can be a massive carved table with chairs in the living room or a bed in the bedroom.
  • In the modern version of the Baroque in the interior, elegant arches are often used as doorways.
  • Twisted stairs with elegant forging - a reception for the interior in the Baroque style, originating from the Rococo and Empire styles. Of course, such an idea is impossible for an apartment of a standard layout.
  • There is always plenty of light in the baroque style room. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure its sufficient supply with the help of windows, a central massive chandelier, and numerous lamps. Also for the bedroom and living room, use bright wallpaper, curtains and furniture.
  • Ornamental design of furniture, walls, doors and decor items. Ornaments while preferable to use traditional plant or flower. Strict geometry in this case will not work.




Baroque furniture

Consider what features are inherent in furnishing a house in this style:

  • Furniture is used in complex shapes and shapes. There can be no conciseness and minimalism here. Pretentiousness, pomp, deliberate decorativeness - these are the touches that characterize the interior in the Baroque style. Furniture is similar to that used in the Empire and Rococo styles.
  • Most wooden furniture has a lacquered design.
  • For upholstery and textile design used expensive fabrics with a luxurious texture: tapestry, velor, natural silk. And the curtains and wallpaper can be made of this fabric.
  • Carving, exquisite wooden mosaic, all kinds of bronze and copper forged lining - those details that are inherent in baroque furniture. Especially chic such furnishings look when you design a pompous hall or living room. These same techniques are inherent in the design of doors and windows.
  • Often used headsets - furniture sets, made in the same style. This technique makes the room a single space. And the selected in color wallpaper, curtains and other furnishings support harmony.
  • As a stand for trinkets and to decorate the interior of the apartment is often used console table, inherited from the Rococo and Empire styles. Of course, in essence, this is a useless piece of furniture that does not carry a special functional load. That is why in the Baroque style it is better to decorate houses with a large area, where this little-functional luxury can fit without special problems.
  • Bed for the bedroom need a large size. It is decorated with draperies, heavy curtains, canopies. Suitable wallpapers and heavy curtains will complete the pompous and luxurious interior.
  • As for colors, the Baroque is inherent in the combination of white with various pure colors: blue, turquoise, gold, chocolate, etc. Often also used exquisite burgundy and charming blue color. Doors and windows should also be painted in the same color.
  • The carved furniture of a bedroom and a drawing room is decorated with gilding.
  • Famous striped sofas with fairly solid seats are an indispensable attribute of baroque room design inherited from empire and rococo styles. Such sofas turned out to be not very comfortable for sitting, but they make an indelible impression on everyone who saw in reality the real interior of the house in the Baroque style.
  • Bedroom furniture must be made of wood, and from the array and expensive breed. Carving is used at the head and legs, in the design of the door, serves as a distinctive feature of the Baroque style.




What features of decorative design are inherent in a baroque-style room:

  • The desire to use piece interior items: a fireplace, elegant figurines, porcelain knick-knacks - everything must be objects of art and be antique. Wallpaper, curtains and even the design of the door should also be complete and represent some value.
  • Tapestries are widely used as decoration of walls and furniture. Drawings on traditional tapestries: floral designs, hunting, landscapes, sewing with gold thread. There may be tapestry wallpaper, curtains and even curtains on the door.
  • Baroque is unthinkable without the active use of textiles. Leather sofas in the living room and leather ottomans for the bedroom in this case are not used. Only fabric upholstery made from high-quality and expensive materials. Atlas, velvet, tapestry, brocade are recommended - curtains, wallpaper, and door curtains are made from these fabrics.
  • Textile design should overlap. And if you decorate the curtains of the bedroom or living room with one cloth, then the same material or similar should be used for upholstering the sofas and wall covering the room.
  • Curtains in the living room, it is desirable to additionally decorate with pelmets, elegant draperies - do not feel sorry for the fabric - in this case, its excess is only good. The same technique is inherent in the styles of empire and rococo.
  • The door and window openings of the room are decorated with suitable textiles in color and pattern. You can often see how the window frames and doors of the house are decorated with tortoise inlay, semi-precious stones: onyx, marble, malachite.
  • For the walls of the apartment are perfect so-called tapestries from drawings - special wall lint-free carpets. They can be in a modern style.
  • Adequate lighting of all rooms: a bedroom, a living room, and a dining room is an indispensable condition. It should be abundant, bright and very showy. In order to emphasize the grandeur of the environment are used numerous lamps: ceiling, floor wall. Also sometimes lamps are built into the furniture.