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Decorative shrubs (51 photos): landscape design of a garden or a site, beautiful combinations

If every wise owner comes to the garden's tab, then every hostess comes to the bookmark of permanent flower gardens with annual flowers and perennial shrubs with evergreen shrubs. After all, what pleases every new spring? Emerald leaf greens, fragrance and aroma, lawn neatness, prim rabatok lines, strict forms of their own site. However, not only those shrubs that were used by our grandmothers - lilac and rosehip, hawthorn and black thorns, but also ornamental shrubs bred in recent years specifically to decorate the site will help here. How to choose - depends on the desires!

Getting started, or experiment at the cottage

Selecting ornamental shrubs to give according to the catalog or the hint of the seller in the local market is a simple matter. About competent planting, watering, fertilizing, and even trimming can "guess" in an experimental and experimental way. However, it is possible to foresee all the subtleties of growing, if you take care of the plant for a couple of years. Only then will you know for sure its soil requirements, “reviews” for fertilizing with chemical and organic fertilizers, flowering time or dropping foliage in your area. What will it give? The decision on the best place for the bushes you like! After all, your goal is to create a harmony of the landscape, link together the rest area by the pond or pool, a barbecue area and a place for outdoor games for kids. It is the ornamental shrubs will be the unifying start!

Choosing your favorite variety and type of shrub, you should pay attention to:

  • root system development. All roots must be well sprouted, must not be sick and damaged. Places cutoff of the latter should not be visible, they must be properly healed. Only in this way you will be sure that a certain type of shrub will perfectly get acclimatized on your site;
  • emerald green leaves, no rot and any other stains, sparkling and glossy outer surface of the leaves. This will testify to a truly healthy plant, which, in fact, you need. Scratch your fingernail gently on a piece of paper: unscrupulous manufacturers spray wax on the plants so that it looks healthy, beautiful, well-groomed. Found a raid on Polish apples? Refuse to buy !;
  • a kind of certificate of quality, which will indicate the farm or nursery where the shrubs were grown, age and other relevant data. This will allow "to offer" the bush the right place on its own site without experience and experimentation.

Choosing the right place for shrubs

These or other ornamental shrubs to give - the second thing. Task number one is a place for a bush. Here, much will depend on the design of the landscape plot and the existing plantations. If a certain style is not visible on the plot, you can choose 2 options:

  • make a shrub or an entire group the starting point of landscape decoration of a specific territory of the site. Maybe shrubs will decorate the area near the gazebo or become a focal point on the lawn in front of the house. In the latter case, the bushes should be groomed as much as possible, elegant and healthy in order to attract the attention of not only family members, but also guests;
  • organically fit the bushes in the already existing landscape, make them part of a specific composition, which can include trees, and perennial flowers, and annuals. In this composition, the main "chip" - in size and shape of plantations. In the classical English style of plantings - slender lines, between which the alleys for a walk. This idea is optimal for large areas. If the shrubs form a labyrinth, the main condition for their proper maintenance will be pruning and freedom of passage between them.

Option "lonely" standing shrub - bamboo. Local manufacturers offer varieties that are most adapted to our weather conditions and are not at all demanding to care. Planted in the spring of seed or seedling method and only watering. The height of the bush-threads can be as 2 meters, and much higher, akin to vinegar. In the neighborhood - no one, because the elegant, slim, unique bamboo is self-sufficient in itself. He is the personification of natural forces and even a kind of talisman-plant, giving your family health and longevity. The optimal find for those gardeners who do not have large areas.

Topiary art and lighting: harmonious tandem

A special idea when decorating a site with shrubs is lighting in the evening. Landscape lighting projects are a real fount for a keen owner. Night lights of different shapes, LED strips can not only highlight a certain area in the dark, ensuring a safe and comfortable way around the area in the absence of injuries and damage. Such lighting is an underscore of beauty, the merits, the perfect form of a line of shrubs or a single, lonely standing shrub in the yard, but playing a certain role. A languid or bright light, its focus and even color - and the new “resident” of the infield will become the true embodiment of harmony and beauty!

An important point - the choice of lighting. It should be entrusted to professionals who will take into account temperature changes, high humidity and ease of dismantling in winter. Competent and clear instructions - and you already collect the landscape lighting system yourself.

Bright "trick" - curly trimming shrubs. To learn topiri skills is to spend more than one day and process more than one secateur, but to recreate a real miracle, such a fairy tale. At the same time, the choice of the “right” shrub is fundamental. Here the high growth rate of the vegetative mass during the whole summer period is important. Of course, this can be helped with the help of special supplements, but the genes should be laid initially. Only this way ornamental shrubs for summer cottage will look stylish, luxurious, glamorous. As an option for novice gardeners - holly gubchaty, all varieties of boxwood.

Making your own plot in the country or a country house, take into account the wishes of all family members. Make a haircut for a bush - stylish, concise and restrained in case it is demanded by the design, bright and creative - if it is demanded by children, romantic, lyric - if there is a personal thrust to it. Draw on paper the shape that you want to get in the end. Start trimming with large parts of the volume and only after that proceed to the image of fine lines and careful details. If something does not work out - it does not matter. After a few days it will be possible to correct!

It should be noted that the decorative lighting of shrubs is an amazing way to decorate the celebration celebrated in nature. A little more light and power, colorful garlands and colors of lampshades, even connected music - and the barbecue area, the pool area, and tea-drinking becomes special. Figured shrubs give it a mystery, magic, unearthly charm.

Ornamental shrubs: the option that is most preferable

Shrubs to the skies without a definite clear form sunk into oblivion. Today, they were replaced by low-growing ornamental shrubs, which are becoming more and more every year. At the same time, they are not only the basis of landscape design, but also a hedge that divides territory into parts or framing a plot. As an option, an evergreen fence from the neighbors, the selection of the zone of water procedures. Such a “neighborhood” is a cozy ornate shadow in the summer heat, a pleasant rustle in the evening for tea, a special aroma.

However, the short stature of the species is not the main advantage of modern ornamental shrubs. Each gardener has the opportunity to choose an evergreen specimen of a conifer, decorative leafy shrubs or flowering shrubs. The second option is most loved by all, despite the fact that the flowering of perennial shrubs ranges from several days to several weeks. And then - only the foliage.

As a flowering ornamental shrub for your own territory, you can choose a refined and luxurious wrinkled rose, or give preference to an unpretentious and rustic palmweed, or surprise many with long heather-flowers, which prefers abundant watering, or ... Dozens of options are in the catalog. This is your choice of the height of the bush, its spreading, flowering time, fluffiness and shade of flowers. Experiment more boldly!

A bright grouping feature is the ability to clearly define and support the growth of a shrub, despite the fact that each of the selected varieties will bloom in a sequence. At the same time, it is better to plant such shrubs in a group, keeping between them a minimum space for maintenance. You will enjoy flowering day after day, from May to August!

If you prefer ornamental deciduous shrubs, their choice will not be easy. As an option - an incense and camellia Californian, bindweed and Erica, esclonia and Fatsia, harry and lavender. It is important to take into account the size of shrubs and the time when they "change" the leaves. It is important - to pick shrubs with colorful foliage. This will make the autumn period rich, kind and romantic.

Ornamental shrubs - your special mood, desires and emotions of your garden. Find the best species and varieties, care for them, take care of them. Return will not keep you waiting long!