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Minimalism in the interior (21 photos): modern and cozy interior design


Minimalism, translated from English, means the least. This fully applies to the design of rooms in the style of minimalism - simplicity, conciseness and accuracy of compositions. There is no place for classics and traditional art materials. Neutral colors, natural and industrial motifs, as well as uncomplicated geometric objects come to the fore.

  • Multi-level lighting and zoning of space.
  • Light colors in the design of rooms with a predominance of pure white, favorably complemented by gray or black. Sometimes also used brick or wood color.
  • Raw natural materials with a rough texture: white plaster, concrete, brick or classic wood.
  • Large windows (of course, not in Khrushchev) or lighting that fills the space with light.
  • Geometrical objects and ornaments: rectangles, straight pictures or circles in white color - no spirals.
  • Minimum number of accessories and furniture. As a last resort, designers are advised to use the built-in Scandinavian set, as well as items of small-sized furniture with aluminum profiles, made of natural wood, with the presence of chrome, leather or glass parts. At the same time, the upholstery, like the wallpaper, should be of the same color with bright contrasting elements characteristic of rooms in the modern style.



Living room

Minimalism in the interior of the living room - is, above all, the modeling of light and space. The very same modern project of creating an interior looks like this:

  • redevelopment of the living room;
  • selection of luxurious color palette;
  • unique lighting, created, for example, in Khrushchev;
  • use of simple but clear geometric shapes for the premises.




Most of all apartment interior in the style of minimalism, especially a similar kitchen, is suitable for those who love perfect cleanliness and order. In addition, you can profitably and most importantly, without problems, “enter” the project of such a small-sized kitchen in a studio apartment, the dining area of ​​which does not attract particular attention. Only doors, flat surfaces and large objects remain in sight.




The bedroom in the style of minimalism is again creating the maximum amount of light, air and space. The design is designed so as not to focus on unnecessary items. Often they use a hidden and carefully thought-out storage system: podiums with drawers or beautiful built-in wardrobes. Walls and ceilings are made in the shades traditional for minimalism: white in combination with lilac, beige, and gray. In addition, it is possible to remove the white color altogether, in order to get a comfortable version of two cold tones (brown-beige wall, wenge-gray, etc.), with the help of which the main surfaces of the small room are drawn. The original accent will be the use of a third, bright color (red, bright orange or purple) - they are distinguished by individual design elements: curtains, accessories, doors, wallpapers, etc.




Modern minimalism in the bathroom is relevant for its small area. The interior design is carried out in such a way that the room appears empty and not overloaded with excess toiletries. Here it is necessary to give preference to wear-resistant materials (only the best types of them) that will fill the bathroom with special chic and originality: white tiles, marble, smooth limestone, washable wallpaper, polymers or granite.