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Kitchen in a private house (57 photos): successful design ideas


Private houses, as a rule, have a much larger size than typical apartments, so you can turn around in full force and embody all of your design ideas - kitchen decoration, wallpaper that adorns the walls, and other nuances - everything can be tailored to your liking. The kitchen in a private house, however, as in any other - the heart and hearth of the dwelling, is traditionally spent a lot of time here, there are households, chatting, arranging get-togethers and cooking. That is why the design of kitchen space is not the last place.







The design of the kitchen should be thought out to the smallest detail - even if it is small or, conversely, has a significant size. A hostess in any space should be comfortable, and everyone else should be nice in the kitchen. In the article we will consider how the kitchen in a country house should be framed.

Features of the kitchen in your home

The kitchen of a private house has a number of distinctive features, if we compare it with the kitchen in a city apartment:

  • Kitchen projects in private houses, as a rule, are equipped not with one window, but with two or several, therefore the kitchen in a wooden or brick private house turns out to be much lighter and more spacious than the same room in the apartment.
  • The location of the work area can vary widely. Its location does not limit the narrow walls.
  • Ideas such as a cozy fireplace, which additionally warms and adds color, or an improvised dining room located right there, will look great in a spacious room.
  • If the kitchen in a private house is a walk-through room, then in this case it will be more difficult to plan its design, but in the end a very unusual and functional interior can turn out, which you will not find anywhere else.
  • The kitchen can have a very non-standard layout, original design and interior. In this case there are much more opportunities to apply various design techniques and novelties than in the limited space of the apartment. Modern decoration, beautiful washable wallpaper, winning zoning - all these ideas are available to owners of individual kitchens.







Square kitchen

The most popular form, its design will not cause any problems. Such a room is not difficult to plan, it will turn out to be cozy, functional and very comfortable. Most often, these kitchens are decorated in a classic style. Decide where the work area will be located, and start from this with planning for further design.


  • In a small square room it is better to place the furniture in a line or choose the angular type of the location of the working area. It also depends on where the window is located.
  • If the square space is of sufficient size, then it would be an excellent option to position the working space with an island in the middle of the room.
  • Also in a large space, the dining area with a decent size table and chairs will fit perfectly.
  • Wallpapers on the wall, you can choose any, in a square space almost any ideas look harmoniously.






Narrow kitchen

In this case, the design will be somewhat difficult because of the uncomfortable shape of the room. Features:

  • A design that visually expands the space is desirable. For example, Provence, implying light shades. Including the floor and the ceilings should be painted in light colors - you get a great optical illusion of space expansion.
  • Eliminate all unnecessary details. In a narrow or small kitchen should be only the necessary appliances, appliances and furniture. All that you can do without, do not use. It is desirable to use furniture of a more compact size than in the room of a usual form.
  • The interior of a narrow kitchen in a private house implies a minimum of decor. Perfect minimalist style interior.
  • On the window you can hang bright curtains that will visually distract the view from the limited space.
  • The presence of a dining room in such a space, of course, is excluded.











Kitchen studios in private homes are not yet so common. But this is a very interesting kitchen design in a private house and, undoubtedly, a similar project will have development and popularity. Features:

  • To visually separate the working area from the recreation area, you can use partitions, screens, lightweight plasterboard walls that do not reach the ceiling. Also suitable for this purpose and elegant bar, beautiful and functional. Sometimes they use visual zoning using different colors. You can divide the space of the island with a working area. The window can also serve as a kind of "separator".
  • It is undesirable to carry out the design of the kitchen-living room in a private house in a classic style, it is not suitable here, as well as the design in a rustic style. It is better to decorate the space in the style of modern, minimalism or high-tech. These modern trends can not be better combined with the newfangled trend.









Consider how to combine different styles of design and decoration of the kitchen in a private home.


  • Arrangement in this style is ideal for narrow and small kitchens of non-standard and modern planning.
  • Planning implies simple forms and concise lines, minimal decor or lack thereof. The floor and ceilings are of the same color, without decor.
  • The space will not look cluttered, because the design of the kitchen in a country house in the style of minimalism involves the use of only those things that are necessary, eliminating all that is superfluous.
  • A large kitchen in this style may look slightly uncomfortable. But minimalism is great for a small kitchen.










  • Arrangement in the Art Nouveau style implies bright color combinations, somewhat reminiscent of the disco style of the 80s.
  • Plastic bar stools, chairs fancy curved shapes, glass surfaces fit perfectly. With their help, you can make zoning, select the window, floor and ceiling.
  • Combinations of various materials this style welcomes like no other.
  • The style is great for both large and small kitchens.

Often more kitchens in country houses are decorated in styles such as loft and Provence. They emphasize the fact that the premises are not in the city, but outside. This layout of the kitchen and dining room is excellent for relaxation and relaxation.











A few helpful points to help decorate the space:

  • The most commonly used material is, of course, wood. It is also more environmentally friendly and presents many options for colors and textures. Solid wood will make the kitchen luxurious and perfect for classic interiors. Modern materials such as laminated chipboard and MDF are also used for furniture. Their advantage is an inexpensive price and many design options.
  • Plan in detail all the zones in order to accurately calculate the costs, necessary materials, appliances, etc. A carefully planned project will greatly facilitate the entire further kitchen design in a private house.
  • First of all, the arrangement should start with engineering systems and communications. Immediately decide where the washing machine will be located (if it is in the kitchen) and the dishwasher. They will need to make a water supply. Similarly, the gas supply to the stove is supplied.
  • Please note that the furniture does not overlap the ventilation. In this case, equipping the premises with an island is the best possible approach - such a work area does not block the walls. Particularly harmoniously the island looks in a classic and rustic style. Provence style is also suitable for this.
  • It is best to order narrow furniture on an individual project and to her the same - built-in appliances. In this case, all the nuances will be checked for you by the specialists of the manufacturer.