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Garden shower (16 photos): simple beautiful options


In the presence of a country house or cottage raises the question of hygiene. Country sowing, harvesting and other dirty work require the investment of time and effort, and contact with the ground and water provides with dirty hands, dust gets on the body, clogging pores. In the summer heat, it is especially important to have a small shower in the area, where you can wash off all the dirt and dust, and go to the city in decent shape or go to sleep in a country house. For this there is a simple portable garden shower. Now in stores there are many options for garden showers, there are even heated models. Their choice depends on the material capabilities and the requirements that you make to this useful device in the country.

There are a lot of different ways to take a shower at a country site. But, nevertheless, they all share common advantages. Consider which:

  • Portable modern country showers warm up perfectly for the day. It is best if the cabin is made of polycarbonate. It is lightweight, eco-friendly, its size and simple device are great for the shower on the site.
  • Properly designed shower stall design perfectly retains heat. And even on cool evenings at the beginning of autumn you will not freeze when taking water procedures on the site. And even if the floor in the booth is not warm, but normal.
  • Modern artificial materials have excellent water-repellent properties, so annoying mold will not start on your shower stall. Also for this reason, it is important to install booths in the sun. Because in the shade there is much more likely to make mold.
  • The wooden country shower is practical and does not require special care. It is portable and lightweight. At any time you can move it to another place. If you want, then you can equip a new bathing place at each visit to the dacha, the most convenient one this time.
  • Artificial materials are durable. For several seasons in a row you will no longer have a problem with washing in the country.
  • Models that have been developed recently are very easy to assemble: their dimensions and simple design allow for this. You can assemble them without any help, you can make a warm floor on your own. The design can be said to be primitive, which does not reduce its useful qualities in the house.
  • A large selection of colors, shapes, sizes will help you choose a booth, for example, to the color of the gazebo on the site. Such a thoughtful device will create a harmonious overall landscape. You can choose the color of the booth or water-repellent material to match the color of the house or the surrounding greenery on the site.




What basic hygienic and aesthetic requirements should an outdoor shower meet?

  • The cesspool must be of decent size. According to sanitary standards, its size should not be less than 2 square meters. But in practice, few people are satisfied with such a capital construction. You can get by with a smaller size, especially since most of the water is absorbed into the ground. With the use of highly efficient septic tanks, the size of the pit can be made significantly smaller without harming the environment and hygiene standards.
  • Practicality. A portable shower should take up little space, wash well and do not pollute the environment. This requirement is very important, because at the country house, and so people work. And no one wants after garden work, and also bother with the difficult washing of the shower stall.
  • Aesthetic requirements are also desirable to comply. The shower stall should not stand out in a disharmonious spot against the background of flower beds and beautiful trees. It is advisable to fit the design into the overall landscape so that it becomes part of the overall picture. Modern versions of materials and colors quite allow you to do this.
  • A shower, including a homemade and beautiful fashion, should not break the bank. Since this is a design for seasonal use, you should not try to make a major shower. Easy in the summer season, you can get by with a portable, collapsible polycarbonate device, especially if you do not constantly live in the country. The floor can be made of rubber. A simple, simple rubber mat like the one in each hardware store or supermarket will do.
  • Consider whether you need a heated shower in your summer cottage. Such a function can be very useful in cool days when a warm shower warms you.
  • Be sure to do a frame shower in the sun. You should not install the device in the shade of trees - in this case cold water will always be in the tank. And in the first version, the water will quickly heat up, and at the end of the day you will be able to take a nice warm shower. On the floor of the booth must necessarily lay a rubber mat.






Garden shower is easy and simple

With some skill, you can make a garden shower yourself. With many gardeners with ease and exercise. It is not advisable to use wood for the booth, since such a shower will not be too hygienic: it can become damp, moldy, the tree can start to rot, etc. It is better to take a modern polycarbonate, and make a shower stall in this area with your hands.