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Kitchen design in high-tech style (41 photos): modern design

High-tech style - a popular solution in the modern world in interior design. The word comes from high technology - high technology. The style is young, appeared in the 1970s of the last century on the basis of late postmodernism and absorbed all the basic principles of modernity. The founders were Rogers, Piano and Foster.

Hi-tech is characterized by the following features:

  • Swift, straight lines and crisp shapes
  • Use of materials such as metal, glass, concrete and plastic
  • The widespread use of practical elements and intelligent technology
  • The abundance of lighting - elegant chandeliers and many light sources
  • From the color range using silver-metal and black and white colors in neutral shades. The style of gloss and shine
  • The most discreet decor, and often the complete lack of decorative elements

High-tech kitchen

High-tech style is a great choice for kitchen interior. The high-tech kitchen is an island of restraint and clean lines. This may be a small kitchen in Khrushchev, and a kitchen-living room in a studio apartment. Practicality and modernity - the main features of the kitchen in this style. Thanks to high-quality, durable and durable materials, the kitchen-living room acquires wear resistance, environmental friendliness, resistance to ignition. Accordingly, this cuisine will last much longer than the traditional one.

A huge plus design in the style of high-tech - use in small spaces. For example, in Khrushchev. Thanks to the multitude of surfaces and the accented lighting that will be reflected from these surfaces, it is possible to achieve a significant visual increase in space by making a radiant island of brilliance and gloss from the gloomy rooms.

Straight lines and clear shapes.

The main features of the direction are design with the dominance of clear geometry in all shapes, lines and corners, which gives expressiveness and conciseness to the interior. Hi-tech avoids ornateness and adheres to the principles of asceticism. Unattractive elements such as ventilation boxes, communications, and fittings are practically played up.

Kitchen set and household appliances

The concept of style meets the availability of modern, easy to use and multi-functional technology. High-tech kitchen can resemble the appearance of a space object with furniture from a science fiction film or a laboratory of the future. Household appliances are the newest and most multifunctional, with touch controls and a stylish design. Topical design with the latest technology - door closers, touch mixer with water temperature indicators, voice-activated lighting.

The kitchen suite in the interior is better to purchase to order, not forgetting the absolute symmetry and speed of the lines in the interior high-tech. An excellent solution is to choose a corner headset that fits perfectly into a small space. If you order a kitchen corner with an apron to match the walls, the set will dissolve in space, increasing it. Lifts, closers, drawers, baskets and dividers are integral attributes of high-tech furniture.

Modern high-tech kitchen will greatly benefit from the location in it of the bar or bar table. The dining table can be both light and almost weightless, as well as heavy, stressfully massive. An excellent option would be a corner table. The winning table option in combination with the bar in the kitchen-living room - the table "island" of elongated shape. It looks great not only rectangular, but also triangular, and even a hexagonal "island".

When choosing chairs you should pay attention to the form. Bar stools or resembling office furniture is a good choice for a kitchen in a studio apartment. In terms of material, leather and metal remain favorites.

But we observe the measure. High-tech does not allow to “fill in” the space with furniture. This is especially true for small kitchens in Khrushchev.

Invoices and materials

Organically and effectively look in the kitchen of modern synthetic materials: polyethylene, plastic, porcelain, polypropylene, plastic, acrylic. Glass, ceramic tile and concrete can be used harmoniously. Natural materials - stone or metal - will perfectly fit into the overall style. They are recommended for surfaces that will be in contact with food and for the fronts of kitchen units. The use of traditional wood is acceptable in the case of a choice of cold dark tones: wenge, black, gray.

Color solutions

To match the style, designers use colors such as white, black, white and gray, beige, graphite, silver. The winning combination is wenge shades with beige and metallic gray. In the kitchen-living room you can play on the contrast of fine light wenge with dark shades. All shades of wenge are harmonious and will satisfy the taste of the most ardent perfectionist.

Bright accents look good. Their role can be played by bright red chairs, yellow facades or raspberry apron of kitchen units.

Neutral colors can be diluted with a variety of textures - matte coatings and gloss, tile and stone.


The walls are as neutral as possible. The use of wallpaper is not recommended. Kitchen design in high-tech style is not acceptable. The maximum that you can afford - wallpaper for painting or plain wallpaper. Decorative plaster under concrete or stone, or water-based paint - the best solution for finishing.

Floor and ceiling

Preference is given to high-strength laminate or self-leveling floor. It is possible to use ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles. It is necessary to remember about the color palette - a bright tile does not fit the style, the floor must be in harmony with the shade of the ceiling. Gloss and gloss are welcome.

The high-tech design does not approve the use of carpets or rugs, but to give a touch of coziness and comfort, you can spread a small rectangular carpet of white-gray or gray color on the floor.

The ceiling is preferable to mounted or tension, but always perfectly flat.

Curtains and windows

As well as from wallpaper, high-tech usually refuses curtains. Better to use blinds or roller blinds. If we still give the choice of fabric curtains, then we remember the principles of modernity - monochromatic cold colors.

Windows should also be consistent with style restraint. Wood as a material for decoration is unacceptable. The ideal window is a solid glass panel with thin frames.


Chandeliers and lamps in the style of high-tech - elegant, but simple and practical lighting. A great option - spot lighting, the presence of not only the chandeliers, but also the masses of small lamps, functioning both simultaneously and one by one. When choosing a chandelier, it is important to remember the brevity of style.

Accessories and decor

Hi-tech is incompatible with accessories and decor. If you are a fan of the riot of colors, tapestries, stucco, porcelain trinkets and artificial flowers, then high-tech is not for you. You can afford, without going beyond the strict limits of style, pots with live plants or bright stylish fruit vases.

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