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Stained glass in the interior (44 photos): the decoration of the apartment or house


Subtle sophistication, bright individuality, special energy and style, fragility that gives charm - these are stained glass windows in the interior of houses and apartments, making them different from others. Ever since humanity learned to paint glass and connect fragments with copper wire, stained glass windows have become not only part of the temples, but also people's dwellings. Techniques of modernity allow you to create stained glass windows in different techniques with ease and high level of craftsmanship, to make them not only a stylish and unique decor of the premises, but also an expression of the excellent taste of the owner. All about stained glass - only here!

When you make a country house or a luxury apartment, the stained glass window will become such an uppercase "letter" of the interior, bring light and luxury to it, languor and beauty. However, stained glass is valuable not only due to the aesthetic component, but also due to:

  1. Ecological / biological purity. The desire for naturalness, naturalness and naturalness in their home - these are the components most demanded by the potential buyer. And what can be more natural than sand ?!
  2. Resistance to temperature / humidity / light intensity fluctuations. This suggests that stained glass in the bathroom or in the kitchen, in the library or living room, in the nursery or hallway would be appropriate, as well as durable and practical.
  3. Ease of care. Stained glass windows, made with the help of one or another technique in a certain style, decorate not only window openings, but also doors, cabinet fronts, ceilings and niches, they are made part of accessories and decorative interior items. At the same time glass does not require washing as textiles or careful polishing, for example, as products from solid oak. They are unpretentious, therefore, you have more time to enjoy their beauty!






Stained glass window stained glass discord, or how to choose and do not miscalculate

Pictures from glass are not only the choice of the size, drawing, shades, but also production techniques. Each of them is an art that requires skills, experience of a master, a part of his soul and a kind of magic. Having studied the classical methods of manufacturing, you will understand exactly what stained glass in the interior of your living room, kitchen or bedroom will be most relevant.

So, get acquainted!

Stained glass mosaic. Special blanks (of a certain size and shape) are made initially, subsequently fastened together. An original idea for a particular ornament, a floral tune with clear lines and a minimum of shades.
Stained tiffany. The classic method is to use small multicolored pieces of glass, held together with copper foil. Rich, luxurious and ... expensive. Such a glass picture is a true masterpiece of a craftsman!
Stained glass fusing. A color drawing is created on the glass canvas, onto which (exactly!) The glass pieces are laid out. The picture is baked - and you are amazed at the three-dimensional, deep, frozen drawing.
Stained glass window. The technology involves the creation on the glass surface of deep outlines, furrows that appear by etching. They are subsequently filled with paint, creating a picture.
Stained glass painted and film. The first option is just the artist's mastery, the second is the creation of a stained glass effect using a special film imitating pieces of colored glass. The techniques have nothing in common with true glass paintings made of glass, however, they give an idea of ​​the proper arrangement of this stained glass window, its size, drawing, color palette. So to say, trial stained-glass windows in the interior, which are sure to become original!







Stained-glass windows are no longer surprising. Unique stained-glass windows in the interior have found a lot of other places and territories that have conquered. Match the style of your room and select the location of the stained glass!

Kitchen and stained glass: requirements that meet each other

Stained glass in the kitchen in the style of Provence, vintage, ethno - it is stylish, bright, nontrivial. In this case, stained glass can be not only a window, but also the facades of kitchen cabinets, cabinets, tables. An outstanding element of the decor can be a door with a stained glass insert and even ... an apron, the stained glass window of which will be created like a tile. A large or small stained glass window, without doubt, will be the main decorative ornament of the kitchen. Therefore, choosing its floral palette, placement and size, consider other shades in the room, finishing materials, decor. The stained glass window should not “get lost” among other decorations, accessories and idlers, but it should not drag all attention only to itself. Harmony, a sense of proportion and beauty - and stained glass in the interior of the kitchen will sparkle with new colors.


















A couple of significant little things

Many owners of interiors in the style of functional, loft, hi-tech and the like are afraid to use stained glass windows in their homes. But there is nothing to be afraid of, just choose the right color and pattern. The best option - to order.

For example, stained glass windows in a modern interior for an office or work area are geometric shapes of clear forms, filled with silver, charcoal, chocolate, cognac and even dark pear colors. In this case, the edges of the pattern should be a tone darker than the darkest shade of the pattern and of sufficient width.

For living rooms, you can choose stained glass abstraction, making the door, niche, interior object a continuation of the overall style of color or its contrast element link. A few sketches of an experienced master - and your housing, made in one of the modern styles, will sparkle with new colors.

But the picture of glass is not only a solid large canvas. It is also the focal point of the interior in case it is a desk lamp, coffee table top, shelf or panel. despite the exquisite decoration, this piece of furniture will attract the eye and thought again and again. However, it was conceived.