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Modern dining tables for the kitchen (63 photos): the best designs


The favorite place where the whole family gathers is the kitchen. At the dinner table, in the circle of the most expensive people, it is pleasant to drink tea with pies, have lunch or dinner. In furniture stores, you can choose kitchen tables to design any kitchen, to its walls and other furniture. A thoughtful choice can be made, regardless of whether the kitchen is large or small.










Tables for a small kitchen

The best option for a modern kitchen of a small size is a sliding wooden table. It takes up little space, and if necessary, in the unfolded form, will put all your guests. Such a table, if it is complicated, will create a pleasant atmosphere of home comfort. It is compact, convenient and functional. In addition, a sliding kitchen table for a small kitchen is offered for sale at an affordable price. Instead of a rectangular table, in the interior design of a compact kitchen it is recommended to use the following types of tables:

  • round or square - they have a sophisticated design, do not look very massive, will not burden the space;
  • tables of small width, made of wood, exquisite and lightweight design;
  • modern glass dining tables - they fill the kitchen with light and spaciousness, visually increase it;
  • kitchen table-transformer - its area increases due to the additional panel, the round table-top turns into oval, and the square into rectangular;
  • folding and triangular table - they are suitable for a small family, perfectly saves space in the kitchen;
  • table-sill - sill turns into a tabletop, which serves as a dining table.






Choosing the color of the kitchen table

In order to design a harmonious modern kitchen interior, you will need to choose the colors of certain pieces of furniture, walls, textiles, and other elements of the room. It takes into account the overall decor and decoration of the kitchen. The dining table should perfectly fit into the interior of the room. For example, its color can be combined with kitchen set, household appliances, color of wall decoration or floor covering. Furniture stores offer tables of different colors, sizes and widths.

If you bought a white kitchen table, oval or round in shape, then do not doubt that it will fit any room design. A white table will be a source of warmth or good energy, if you choose bright chairs for it, for example, orange. You can purchase a table of warm shades of natural wood for the kitchen, made in black and white. The appearance of the dining table depends on the interior style chosen in the kitchen. This also applies to the color of the table. At the same time, the table can be both sliding and stationary.






Types of kitchen tables on the production of materials

The durability, degree of stability and wear depend on the material from which the modern table is made. Also, the material affects the appearance of the piece of furniture, its luxury and sophistication. The most important thing to pay attention to when choosing a table is its tabletop and its quality. It serves as a working surface; therefore, it must meet the basic requirements - be strong, reliable, have a moisture-resistant and heat-resistant coating, and not be affected by chemicals.
Among the most optimal table options, apartment owners choose wood, but it must withstand moisture and high temperatures. Produce countertops made of stone - basalt and granite, this furniture looks rich and beautiful. Be sure to have kitchen tables have drawers of different sizes and configurations, as well as drawers located under the table top.






Metal tables

In the design of a large kitchen, they will become a highlight, its decoration. Modern furniture of this type looks elegant and beautiful, although its forms are concise and simple. The base and legs of the table are made of metal tubes, they securely support the tabletop. Metal tables have the following advantages:

  • they are reliable and strong, thanks to metal parts;
  • durability - they will serve in the house for a long time;
  • stability, which is caused by both metal legs and end plugs - they do not allow the table to slide on the floor;
  • strict aesthetic appearance of metal products;
  • affordable cost to consumers.

Metal tables are offered by manufacturers in different designs. They can be sliding and not sliding, with a wooden, glass, metal table top. Among the metal versions of the tables there is furniture, with supports adjustable in height.


















Glass tables

Among modern furniture hits the main place is occupied by a glass table. For the production of a glass table, a specially treated glass is used, so the product looks very aesthetic, besides, it is very durable. A glass table in the interior of the room will allow you to visually enlarge it, giving the space lightness and weightlessness. Almost any furniture is combined with glass tables, it is easy to pick up chairs and other kitchen accessories for them. The legs at the glass tables, mostly wooden, metal or forged.






What should be the height of the working surface of the kitchen

The comfort and convenience of the hostess during the preparation of various dishes depends on the height of the kitchen table. To facilitate its work, it is necessary to choose the working surface. Pay special attention to the height of the working surface, without which it is impossible to imagine the kitchen. Pick up its color to the rest of the interior, so that everything in your kitchen is perfect.

The worktop in the kitchen must meet the following requirements:

  • the workplace is made from reliable materials;
  • the coating is easily and effortlessly cleaned;
  • external data of the working surface does not change from the effects of chemical and mechanical processes;
  • the desktop does not absorb water and other liquids;
  • resistance to high temperatures;
  • designer look.

The kitchen desk is made from materials such as stone, tile, wood. The working surface can also be glass or metal. It will be easier to care for a smooth work surface, it looks more attractive and more beautiful.




Features modern dining tables

Modern dining tables manufacturers produce a variety of shapes, types, colors and designs. They can be metal, wooden, glass, made of other materials.

Of particular value for home use kitchen table transformer. It is compact and functional. The sliding table is chosen by the owners of small rooms. Folding tabletop, for example, oval, if necessary, is removed and frees up space. Also on sale are comfortable tables, books.

Dining tables are equipped with drawers in the required quantity, where hostesses hide dishes and other kitchen accessories. Drawers of various sizes allow you to place large and small items in them. A kitchen table with a stove is also offered for sale; it also has a presentable, unusual look.
The kitchen table is popular in wood, although its price is higher from other table options, but many owners choose just such an element of furniture for their interior. It looks gorgeous, easy to use, the whole family will be comfortable to gather for him at dinner or lunch. It is also suitable for receiving guests.




What to look for when buying a dinner table

In the modern furniture market you will find many options for dining tables oval, round, square or rectangular shape. They are offered by domestic and foreign manufacturers. Especially popular are the tables made in Italy, Germany, Poland, China, Malaysia and other countries.

Buying a kitchen table, make sure that its design was reliable, strong, aesthetically appealing. The table must be equipped with a sufficient number of boxes. This piece of furniture is perfect for your room design, combined with its walls, other furniture. If the walls are decorated in a dark color, then pick a table light. When the walls are bright, the table can be bought in dark colors. Many owners choose the color of the walls to match the furniture - it all depends on your personal taste. Among the main characteristics that you need to pay attention to when choosing a dining table, include:

  • the shape of the tabletop and its dimensions, among fashionable options - an oval-shaped table;
  • product design and its features are important when buying a table;
  • furniture color scheme and its design;
  • the manufacturer of the product or its brand, as well as the cost of the product;
  • availability of drawers and sliding shelves;
  • the material that is used to make the table.

The design of the walls, kitchen and table should also be harmoniously combined. Having bought a quality table that fits to your kitchen, you will be satisfied. After all, this furniture is very important for the whole family who loves to get together at the dinner table.