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We make out a group in kindergarten: bedroom interior, changing room design, verandas and gazebos (54 photos)

Sending your child to kindergarten, we want to be sure not only about his safety, but also about the decent level of residential and recreational areas. For the full psychophysical health of children, it is necessary that the child in the children's group be as comfortable and interesting as possible. Children should be brought up in a pleasant atmosphere. This can be achieved thanks to the competent design of the veranda and gazebos, cozy design of bedrooms, changing rooms and themed corners.

Second home for babies

The children's group is the second home not only for kids, but also for educators. Therefore, the design of the children's group should be approached with all my heart, as if you are decorating your own apartment.

The main directions of design in the design of the children's group are directly dependent on the main activities that are included in the development program for kids. Basic activities:

  • Nutrition,
  • Classes for the development of mental abilities,
  • Active games,
  • Comprehensive active and passive recreation,
  • Communication and building social relations for subsequent successful social adaptation.

All these skills children will have to learn in the process of active mental activity and labor. Fully work the child most comfortable in the conditions of comfort and beautiful interior, corresponding to his age category. Having created a modern and beautiful interior in the children's group, you will instill good taste for the children and ask basic concepts about aesthetics.

Bedroom interior in kindergarten

Many kids do not want to sleep in kindergarten, because here they can interestingly communicate with their peers and play. Therefore, in the bedroom of the kindergarten there should be a calm and peaceful atmosphere conducive to falling asleep.

A cozy and nice looking interior is one of the components of the pedagogical process. An ingenious designer who lives in every teacher should show their creative potential so that, regardless of the room layout, be able to arrange a cozy bedroom for a quiet hour and a good rest for children.

The basic rules and components of bedroom decoration:

  • Lighting should be dim and soothing.
  • Wallpapers or wall coloring is done in pastel colors.
  • Decorate monochromatic colors of the walls with the help of an ornament or single drawings of fairy-tale characters or characters from films.
  • Pictures should reflect the specifics of the bedroom: the animals shown in the pictures or cartoon characters should get ready for bed or sleep sweetly.
  • On the beds should lie the original bedding, which will be with interest and pleasure to consider the child, going to bed.
  • Do not hang heavy curtains on the windows in the bedroom. It is enough to hang a light tulle brighter colors than the color of the walls.
  • All textile accessories must be made in one color.

The current trend for the bedrooms of the kindergarten is the blinds on the windows. Their main advantage over curtains is ease of cleaning. It will be enough to wipe the slats of the blinds with a damp cloth. Thus, none of the pupils are threatened with allergies.

An example of a children's group

Creating a design in a children's group is necessary, above all, given the age of the children. You should also take into account the possibilities of a particular kindergarten. Each DOW usually has a standard layout, a classic set of equipment and furniture. Therefore, the diversity has to be made with the help of actually developed interior design.

This design plan consists of 9 steps.

Step one. At the door at the entrance to the group, you can stick the application with the name of the group. Such a collage involves collective work. To pass by it, everyone felt involved in the implementation of creative work. Above the door you can hang a beautiful and funny soft toy - the symbol of the group.

Step two. On the next wall, hang up an information stand. Here, as in a local newspaper, what is going on in the group will be told, helpful messages for parents. In the children's wall newspaper it became popular to report on the daily diet. Parents, taking a child from kindergarten, will be able to familiarize themselves with a detailed menu of their baby.

Step three. The interior of the dressing room can be supplemented with photo wallpapers, stickers with fairy-tale characters and characters from favorite cartoons. To avoid each other’s locker, you can stick a photo of the child to avoid the official signature of the name. Add a photo frame design in the form of a flower, the sun or a butterfly.

Step Four. You can arrange a lot of information and educational stands, without which the design of any group of kindergarten does not do. Here is an exemplary list of stands with the names: “made by ourselves”, “we sculpted from clay”, “we cut all this out of a sheet of paper.”

Step five. The training area should be located so that the light on the tables falls on the left side. Since in the children's group, babies usually have an individual level of physical development, you need to mark the desktops in accordance with the growth of children. Place a magnetic board on the training wall for educators and an interactive learning process.

Step Six. Corner of nature or living area. It is not necessary to arrange a mini zoo here. The main thing is that there should be a sufficient number of flowers, climbing beautiful plants, maybe some interesting information about animals, a calendar of wildlife, information about the seasons. Well, if it is possible to put an aquarium with fish.

Step Seven. All children are curious and love experiments. Design a "corner of experimentation" or a lab for the most curious. Place specimens of various materials (glass, plastic, copper, iron, varieties of trees, plastic, pebbles, salt, various stones, magnets) in a special box or on exhibition stands (if you can put the samples under glass).

Complete the laboratory with special tools: a magnifying glass, pipettes, rulers and flashlights. Each lab should have a white lab coat for a research scientist.

Step Eight. Corner for sports activities. There must be a place for special corrective occupations for children, as well as for those children who are more inclined to outdoor games. Here you can place safe sports modules and install the wall bars.

Step nine. A corner of artistic creativity helps to show their talents and realize the needs of children in self-expression. You can choose to lead any kind of creative activity: drawing, theatrical performances, modeling of clay or clay.

Include thematic books, pictures, props, theater requisites, wigs and costumes in the interior. Having come to this sector, the child will be free to engage in his favorite type of creativity. Put books, paints, pencils, sheets of paper, an easel, finger puppets, and various visual materials here.

Decor on the veranda

Properly organized walk is necessary for children to explore the world around them and get acquainted with the environment, communicate with peers outdoors and play outdoor games. Children will be pleased to walk on a cozy and beautiful veranda.

Well, if there is a plot with flowers and flowerbeds. Veranda can be arranged in any suitable style, it is better to make it themed.

Execute the installation of space, the plot of your favorite cartoon or fairy tale. A more progressive and modern design option - graffiti. Put on the veranda small chairs or benches, set tables for writing and drawing. Then on the veranda it will be possible to conduct classes. There should be enough space for the free movement of children and active games.

Pergolas in kindergarten

Small cozy gazebos in kindergartens, as a rule, have small designs. They are decorated in the form of small houses. During walks into this cozy room, a line of children who want to play is often built. In the gazebo should not be dull and boring design, use bright colors. Let popular cartoon characters, cheerful animals smile from the gazebo walls. Bright sketches of nature and water landscapes - that's what will delight the kids on a walk.

When you have painted a gazebo in a picturesque style, go to pendant ornaments, garlands of a variety of materials. On an ordinary rope thread, you can hang your favorite toys, handicrafts made of cardboard and all suitable products that the children made in their classes. In addition to the original handmade decor, the arbor can be completed with rope and ordinary ladders, crossbeams, horizontal bars and rings. Active guys will love the sports equipment gazebos. Put an interesting hourglass or large chess piece to diversify and make a unique design in the gazebo. And most importantly, carefully check for safety all designs on the playground.