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Silk bedding: refinement and sophistication (27 photos)


Soft, elegant, alluring behind, adorning the elegance of any bedroom - it's all about silk bedding. It belongs to the elite category of goods and is considered a sign of luxury and aristocracy. It simultaneously solves the issue of quality and presentability, expresses individuality. Silk bedding for many years retains its original appearance and pleases its owner with beauty.



Silk underwear features

Silk has long been favored by noblemen and royal families. Silk bedding is considered a luxury and a symbol of abundance, white monochrome is especially appreciated - it can be found in the rooms of the "presidential class". Kits have gained popularity due to the unique properties and beauty of the fabric. Easy ebb, softness, sophistication of linen gains the favor of many.



Silk is suitable for absolutely everyone, it is convenient to use from the aesthetic and practical side. The benefits of silk bed include:

  • wear resistance - the fabric has long been famous for its strength and durability;
  • good thermoregulation - provides breath to the skin, quickly absorbs moisture, gives coolness in summer, and warms in winter;
  • environmental friendliness - antibacterial fabric, does not cause allergies, does not collect dust;
  • medicinal qualities - it has a beneficial effect on the skin, slows down aging, ensures healthy sleep;
  • appearance - the linen is not rumpled, keeps beauty for a long time, decorates an interior.

Perhaps the only drawback of such linen is its high cost. For lovers of quality, satin sets can be a budget option.



Silk bed is considered a faithful assistant in the fight against wrinkles. The fabric contains protein (fibroin), which slows down aging.

The shops presented a wide selection of silk bedding. It is different colors, sizes, manufacturer. The set can be one-color, multi-colored, with small and large patterns, with embroidery, lace. Modern technologies allow you to create original models with print. Silk with the addition of other materials can be used in the production of linen. Very often its combination with sateen.

In order not to purchase a fake, you need to know how to choose a silk bed. Otherwise, the "luxury" kit will be of lower quality than expected. Manufacturers of good linen complement the sets of a small piece of matter. By this they demonstrate the high quality and authenticity of the fabric.

The easiest way to check a fabric is to set it on fire. Natural material quickly burns, emitting the smell of scorched wool. Artificial will burn more slowly, leaving behind the smell of plastic or paper. High-quality textiles have a rich color, both from the front and from the wrong side.



Determining the authenticity of silk underwear is quite difficult, especially for those who encounter it for the first time. You need to choose according to the following criteria:

  • the density of the material - a thin, "liquid" fabric indicates a low quality or possible forgery;
  • smell - unacceptable sharp, chemical scent;
  • good packaging and clear labeling, which indicates the composition, rules of care and information about the manufacturer;
  • neat double seam line, machined edges, no defects;
  • natural silk is expensive - if the price tag is too low, you should think about the authenticity of the product.

The listed criteria will help to determine a fake in 90%. Buying in a proven store with recommendations and reviews can guarantee the quality of the PBC.



Lingerie requires delicate care and careful operation, so every hostess needs to know how to wash silk bedding. Before use, be sure to examine the information on the tag. The manufacturer can post topical care recommendations.



Two silk sets of different colors (for example, white and blue) are erased separately. It is necessary to take into account the recommendations for sets of combination fabrics. They will tell you how to wash satin bedding with silk inserts.

Bleach is not applied to white silk linen.

It can be washed by hand and machine at a temperature not exceeding 30 ° C. For such fabrics used delicate detergents and special rinses. When hand washing is not allowed strong spin of the product, and for the washing machine uses a special bag. It is extremely undesirable to cover the stains - if water gets on the fabric, stains are formed.



Bed linen in the interior of the bedroom

Silk sets transform any bedroom, bring a sense of abundance and luxury. Using different shades and ornaments, you can beautifully beat the interior of the room. When choosing colors of a set of silk you need to take into account the style direction and personal preferences. Bright shades of linen refresh the room, and gentle tones bring calm and harmony. White silk bed in the interior is used to create a special or meaningful atmosphere. It is used in premium hotels, for significant events, for example, to decorate a bedroom newlyweds.



In the interior of the bedroom silk linen can be a leading or additional element. Basically, the kit plays a leading role in shaping the style of the room. For a classic interior are perfect bedding with embroidery or drapery. For a minimalist style, a large patterned underwear would be an excellent solution. Monophonic sets of black or white color look original. For models with a modern or mixed design, any model will suit - with each bedroom playing in a new way.



Silk bedding - quality and luxury in one bottle. Its indisputable advantages are durability, beauty, beneficial effects on the body. Each set transforms an interior and brings a highlight in it. Proper care prolongs the life and maintains the appearance for a long time.