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Installing suspended gates: how to do it yourself (24 photos)


At its core, suspended gates resemble the usual sliding doors. The difference is that their guide is not fixed on the side, but on the upper beam of the ceiling. Otherwise, the technology is not too complicated, so even a person who has not previously engaged in construction can make a suspended gate with his own hands.



What you need to know before installing the hanging gate?

  • material can serve both metal and plastic;
  • it is possible to equip the suspended gate with an automatic or manual drive;
  • the option will be very convenient in small areas so as not to lose the space required to open the swing gates;
  • no need to spend time clearing the area of ​​snow before entering;
  • Before installation, it is necessary to estimate the possible distance by which the sash will move;
  • the height of the suspended sliding gate is equal to the height of the beam at which they are mounted;
  • in winter, it is necessary to clear the snow mechanism from the guide.

The pros and cons of this type of gate, each evaluates for themselves to make the right decision.

The installation procedure hinged canvas

The work will require the following materials: metal pipes with a square cross section with a diameter of 0.2 and 0.4 meters, material for the manufacture of cloth, 6 mm tube for the guide, pipes with a square cross section for the construction of the entire frame, finishing accessories, drives, linens, welding machine, tools for cutting for metal.



Calculations and preparation for work

The first thing to do is to install a guide. It must necessarily be performed qualitatively, because its task is to hold onto itself the weight of the entire suspended structure. The width of the gate is determined as follows: the width of a standard car + 1 meter, but not more than 3 meters in general (except for when it is planned to make a sliding gate of the two wings).

The overall weight of the future design must also be considered when purchasing drives. In the building stores you can buy ready-made sets of drives and guides.

If it is decided to make metal gates, then the steel sheets must be at least 3 mm thick, and a profile pipe will also be needed. According to the drawing with the parameters of the future gate marked on it, the perimeter of the pipes is brewed. It is very important to keep the equal length of the diagonals so that there is no skew that can destroy the entire structure.



Making the base

The columns of supports prepared in advance are concreted into the ground by at least 1.5 meters. In this case, it is necessary to use the level to avoid skewing and, accordingly, spontaneous opening or closing of the gate. Having finished with the supports, it's time to start installing the rollers and guide. The guide is securely fastened to the wall or to the carrier beam of the gate using special brackets. The part along which the rollers will move should be facing the ground. Now you can hang the rollers and the gates on them, without forgetting to pre-muff both ends of the guide.



More about rollers for hanging gates

One of the most important elements of the design usually comes bundled if the product is purchased ready-made. If the construction of the gate and the gate is done by hand, then you need to know what types of rollers and accessories there are, and which one is suitable in specific conditions.

  • Rolling (end). Allows you to push the sash into the trap and fix it, making it impossible for a spontaneous reverse rollback. In addition, the sash in this case will not sag. As a rule, this type of rollers is equipped with a special cap from snow and dust.
  • Roller bracket. It is necessary in order to securely keep the sash in the closed state. With it, the sash, even with a strong wind, will move exactly where it is needed.
  • Traps, lower and upper. Mounted on the frame of the gate in the upper and lower parts, fixing the sash. In the case of hanging gates, only the top one matters.
  • Side swing limiter. Their function matters if the flap deviates from the vertical position, then they return it to its place.
  • Roller carriage. Perform the most important function - the movement of the leaf along the guide. They are mounted on the top beam with a steel bracket with four holes. The block, in turn, is attached to a block with a retaining ring, which includes 8 rollers on the bearings.

When choosing rollers, you need to be guided by such factors as the weight of the gate and the material from which the parts of the support itself are made. Depending on this, either metal or polymer rollers are selected. Having established rollers from metal, they need to be processed special low-temperature greasing. Polymer is different in that in their composition in the production included substances acting as a lubricant. The course with such rollers will be softer. In addition, these elements strengthen the structure of the product itself. The polymer can withstand temperatures from -80 C to +100 C.

Rollers made of metal, as a rule, are used for the heaviest structures that are rarely found in ordinary residential areas, where the gate weight does not exceed 800 kilograms. They are made of steel and treated with a special protective coating on top.

As for the cost, the polymer will be cheaper than steel, the rest depends on the brand and the maximum load indicator.




Fitting of fittings

Having finished with the main work on the installation of sliding gates, it remains to place on the unprotected areas of the product all the necessary accessories. It is imperative to install special restraints to prevent the swinging of the valves and generally strengthen the structure. After that, locks and handles are installed.




Add automation

Until recently, such technologies seemed fantastic, available only to the richest people, but today almost everyone can afford an automatic gate. All necessary equipment is sold in stores at affordable prices. To install the same, you can hire a specialist, but you can do it yourself. The convenience of automatic gates is beyond doubt - they can be opened by remote control without leaving the car.

The choice of mechanism should be made taking into account the expected loads. For a private house, this is an average of 10 openings and closings per day. In addition, the more the door leaf weighs, the more powerful the design should be. There are also different types of actuators with additional features like signal lamps, antennas, receivers, temperature control, opening speed controller, photocells, and more. Any manufacturer of automation tries to attract customers with wide functionality.






Suspended gate to the garage

When buying components for them you need to pay special attention to the alloy. It must be of the best quality. Installation includes several nuances:

  • at the bottom of the structure, you need to fix the bar, which plays the role of a limiter, as well as a profile or seal that does not allow moisture to get in
  • sashes are mounted so that there is not even the slightest crevices, special linings can help;
  • when installing the frame it is necessary to use powerful and strong corners;
  • the lower side of the corner should not be in contact with the ground, between them should be made of concrete beam. It is done this way: dig a small hole, pour concrete there, into which then gently press the channel. Concrete strip should be perfectly parallel to the ground, so that the level is useful;
  • when collecting the frame used pipe made of metal or corner. For rigidity it is necessary to make a jumper between the side racks. Then the guides are attached to the ceiling strictly in a horizontal position;
  • By adjusting the parts of the product to each other, you can use hinges and gaskets for adjustment.

As you can see, the installation of the suspended gates near the house or in the garage is very real, and everyone decides for himself or herself to do this or hire specialists.