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Gray wallpaper in the interior: interesting combinations (31 photos)


According to inexperienced people, gray is an uninteresting and depressing color, but such thoughts are stereotypical. In reality, it looks luxurious and restrained, providing a large space for the creation of "fun" design.

Gray wallpapers have many applications, and, depending on the shade, can convey a variety of emotions and sensations. To create a cozy and unusual interior you need to know how to properly use gray in different types of rooms, what to add to gray wallpapers, what they combine with, when the striped wallpaper is more suitable and for what purposes.




Gray color has many shades, and each of them has its own purpose:

  • Monochrome gray wallpapers are neutral, but in combination with other colors they give the interior the desired flavor. Bright decorations will delicately fit into the atmosphere, and the colored elements of the interior will be emphasized as needed. Also, plain striped wallpaper with ornaments and plain plain furniture can visually change the size and shape of the room.
  • Dark gray wallpaper in the interior have a steel, coal color, giving the room self-sufficiency. It is well combined with light and pastel tones that dilute each other.
  • Light gray. This shade will help to visually enlarge the room and harmonizes well with contrasting warm colors.
  • Gray-blue. This soft shade helps to calm down, and is perfect for large bedrooms. In combination with white, the room will brighten and acquire the desired dynamics. Gray-blue can bring a feeling of coolness to the room even on a warm summer day.

Each shade in its own way will fit into the interior, giving it the necessary contrast and uniqueness.

Design with gray wallpaper is different:

  • Striped wallpaper. The gray stripes increase the room due to the "sliding walls" effect, thanks to a wide strip. It can be used only on one wall, so that the strip does not look brightly. Gray with white stripes will help to increase the narrow wall. Frequently occurring stripes in a vertical position visually raise the ceiling near the low rooms and the attic. However, do not add too much striped wallpaper, “it can overflow the room with lines, from which the whole interior will merge. As a result, striped wallpaper is ideal for a room of small size.
  • Gray wallpaper with a pattern, pattern. The size and color of the pattern should be chosen based on the same parameters at the room itself. Wallpaper in a cage, in the form of geometric shapes or abstractions suitable for large and medium rooms, and plain and simple - small.
  • With flowers. These wallpapers are suitable for both classic and modern style. The color of the picture can be in the tone of the furniture or curtains, or contain a golden or white shade.

Skillfully choosing between shade and design, you can choose beautiful wallpapers for any room.




What is combined

The combination of gray wallpaper is multifaceted, because gray can be paired with other colors: pink, turquoise, muted yellow, pale green, olive. It can mute flashy colors, thereby organically fitting them into the interior. A large range of gray shades, from light to dark with different shades, helps to choose wallpaper for a variety of rooms.

Wallpapers gray in the rooms

The interior with gray wallpaper will give the room elegance, refinement, nobility, give a sense of peace and stability, especially in combination with pastel tones. For the bedroom, living room and nursery it is better to choose paper wallpaper, and the rest - strong non-woven or vanilla.

To make the room look modern, you can use matte or satin wallpaper with an interesting texture.




Gray wallpaper in the bedroom

A light gray shade or white elements in combination with gray will work well in the bedroom. This will give the room a feeling of peace and relaxation, which will have a positive effect on sleep and rest. Together with the elements of white furniture, the bedroom seems cleaner and fresher. Gray-blue wallpaper in the interior is best diluted with warm tones.

Gray wallpaper in the interior of the bedroom can bring a romantic mood, if you combine them with pastel shades: pale pink, light green and blue colors. Also a little fun will bring comic drawings and outstanding accessories. In order not to overload the interior, you can choose a dark gray shade or patterns for the wall near the head of the bed. Such a solution will create the necessary accent and emphasize the elegant design of the bedroom.




Wallpaper in the nursery

Gray color is suitable for a child of any gender, which is very convenient. In the nursery, it will be stylishly combined with light furniture and pastel tones, and a dark shade will perfectly complement the bright colors. For example, for a girl the room can be diluted with pink tones, and for a boy - blue, from which, along with light gray shades, the room will remain at ease tender. Also suitable for children wallpaper polka dots.






Light gray wallpaper in the interior will help to visually enlarge the room. Together with the wooden furniture of natural, light shades, cold gray will suit well. If the furniture has an unusual color, it is better to choose a solid background that will hold bright colors. For a dining place fit wallpaper in the flower or other bright drawings, which will highlight the space of the overall color and add zest to the design.

Gray color is often used to transform the kitchen in the style of high-tech, adding to the interior curtains, towels, flowers.

Gray wallpaper in the hall

The hall will suit any shade of gray, even with a bright pattern or texture. Due to the correct scenario of light, the room from dark wallpaper will not decrease, so there is nothing to be afraid of. Gray wallpaper in the interior of the living room will emphasize the aristocracy and sophistication. They are also successfully used in the design of the fireplace or wall near the TV, especially in stripes. Striped wallpaper will create a contrast and put the right accent, as well as make the room higher due to the vertical wide stripes.



For a small room it is better to choose light, contrasting colors and not to resort to floral designs. Dark gray shades are combined with large rooms, but for a typical room a balanced gray would be ideal. Plain wallpaper or canvas with a texture look good with bright details of the interior. Also relevant is the use of wallpaper with an ornament or a bright expressive pattern, which is perfect for creating a classic style. A large ornament should be diluted with other elements, therefore such a solution should be used with caution: either on one wall, or together with pieces of furniture and monochrome textiles.




Gray wallpaper in the hallway

In the corridor it is better to avoid the use of dark shades, so as not to narrow down and so small room. Gray should hide small hallway defects and even pollution. For this, it is better to use a combination of black and white colors or a combination of gray with a stone, which will be a good design solution. To visually increase the size of the room, you can dilute monochrome gray wallpapers with gloss ceiling or fill the corridor with a gray canvas together with gold or silver. A light gray shade along with a black horizontal stripe and white flowers will also help to increase the area.




Combination of curtains

It is easy to choose a color combination of curtains for gray wallpapers, because gray is a universal assistant, which will suit many colors and fabrics. To pick up the curtains you need on the basis of the task:

  • To create lightness with light, delicate tones, curtains and tulle of lilac, milky, beige tones, for example, from organza, will fit well.
  • To highlight the window it is better to use curtains and drapes of bright colors.
  • With dark walls in dense curtains.
  • For large rooms with many windows, deep-colored curtains will do.
  • With gray wallpaper you can combine curtains of any shape, which leaves plenty of room for creativity.

In an apartment, gray walls will play a variety of roles, ideally suited to each type of room, whether it be striped, checked, polka-dot wallpaper, or without a pattern, they will fit any style, from classic to high-tech, making luxurious room or in the spirit of minimalism.