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Arched doors in the interior: manage space (32 photos)


Arched doors are doors that have a canvas with a rounded top. These doors are installed in the doorway in the form of an arch. The same shape should be the door frames.

Features arched doors

A distinctive feature of arched doors is their unique and aesthetic appearance. They will decorate almost any interior style.

Because of the rounded top of the upper door hinges in such structures are attached below, so they must have increased reliability and power.



Arched doors have the following advantages:

  • Versatility. Can be installed in private homes and apartments.
  • Reliability design. The doors are strong and durable.
  • Visually increase the height of the room in combination with bright colors of finish.
  • Compared with standard rectangular doors have a large opening height, so tall people do not have to bend over.

They have arched doors and a disadvantage: high cost of manufacture and installation.



Types of arched doors

There are many varieties of arched doors. They are classified according to the following criteria:

  • design;
  • type of opening;
  • the form;
  • material;
  • place of installation.



Doors in an arch aperture of a various design are issued:

  • door leaves that coincide in shape with an arched opening. They are made of wood. The production process is quite long. The price of such doors is high;
  • standard rectangular canvases, on which the arched part is mounted. Their cost is somewhat cheaper, since they are made simpler: the arcuate part is not cut together with the main canvas, but is an independent element. This design allows you to create both hinged and sliding arched doors;
  • single doors;
  • double arch doors. Actual for wide doorways.



By the type of opening arched doors are divided into the following types:

  • swing - open in one direction;
  • swing swingarm - open and back and forth;
  • folding - can consist of only two sections;
  • sliding - a feature of such doors is that the arch is visible only from one side.



Manufacturers make arches of various shapes. The most popular arch arches are divided into:

  • Classic or semicircular arches of radial shape.
  • Ellipsoid arches are a semicircular oval.
  • The arches, made in the Art Nouveau style, have intricate shapes and many different projections.
  • Arches made in the style of romanticism are like a rectangle with rounded upper corners.

Horseshoe-shaped arches. In addition to a smooth semicircle, they can have an elongated pointed upper part. Mainly used in rooms decorated in national styles. Gothic or lancet arches elongated and pointed do not have smooth transitions.



Depending on the installation location, there are:

  • interior arched doors are located indoors;
  • arched entrance doors are installed at the entrance to the house, shop, shopping center and other public institutions.

Also made arched door with or without glass, with stained glass windows, panels and other decorative elements.

Traditionally, arch-type interior doors are made of natural solid wood. The cost of the finished structure depends on the type of wood. The lowest price of the canvas, made of pine. More expensive are the doors of ash, beech and oak. To reduce the cost of the product instead of natural wood are used such materials as particleboard and MDF, as well as their combination.



Entrance arched doors

Most often, the entrance doors in the form of an arch are made of metal. Such doors are not only reliable, but also very beautiful. They are chosen for country houses, the entrance to the office building, the entrance or other public premises. The facade of the building arched steel door will give a luxurious appearance, emphasize the status and presence of the artistic taste of the owner. Entrance doors can be with one, two or even three doors.



As a rule, metal arched doors are installed at the entrance, but structures made of natural wood, such as oak, are no less reliable. Also, the entrance door can be made of PVC. However, this door is not very reliable, so this option is suitable when installing a double door. The first door (outer) is iron, which has good thermal insulation and high safety characteristics, and the second (internal) door is decorative made of PVC or wood.




Entrance arched doors can have the most diverse design. Designs can be supplemented with transoms, ordinary glass inserts, stained glass or mirrors, MDF panels, wood, veneer. Forged doors are also made.

The entrance metal doors are made in the form of an arch only to order, which is connected with the peculiarities of their design.



The use of arched doors in the interior

The presence of arches in the room visually expands it and makes it airy. Such designs are a great option for small apartments. If the room is spacious and has a wide entrance, then you should choose double arched doors.

Arched doors can be decorated in any style, so they are often used in interiors of various styles.



For a classic style fit arched structures, for which the design is characterized by restraint. The door can be installed from MDF, chipboard or wooden arched door.

Lancet arched doors of dark wood will accentuate the oriental style, distinguished by luxury, exoticism and refinement.



A special feature of the chebbi-chic style is a slightly noticeable bloom of time. Designers achieve this effect artificially with the help of various decorative methods. To complement the interior in this style will help arched door under the old.