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Which ceiling to choose for a modern apartment?


The integrity of the interior is impossible without the appropriate design of the ceiling. Today available materials of different prices, quality, design.


Structurally, ceilings are divided into four types:

  • plastering;
  • suspended;
  • podshivnye;
  • stretch.

When deciding which ceiling to choose for a particular room, it should be borne in mind that each of these types has advantages and disadvantages, restrictions on installation in rooms.

The texture of the ceiling is satin, glossy or matte. The first two types of more elegant, festive, appropriate in the living room, dining room, in the kitchen. The third is calmer, it is worth picking up for the bedroom or office.




Habitual classics, involving painting or wallpaper. Many have chosen it for years and are confident that today it is also the best option. However, experts warn: ease and cheapness are possible only if the base is even and in fair condition. Otherwise, most often in Khrushchev, the cost may exceed the price for the installation of a modern structure.


  • space is not selected for height, so good for homes with low ceilings;
  • ease of working on a fairly flat surface;
  • hygiene: there are no hidden cavities, as in multilayer structures, where cockroaches can settle.

One, but a significant disadvantage is an increased sensitivity to moisture, so that after the flood from above you will need to do everything anew.




  • at stretch ceilings the smallest durability from all types, film suffer from the most insignificant impact;
  • if the canvas is badly stretched, in a draft or during operation of the hood it will go in waves;
  • the impossibility of free access to hidden communications.

Do not install them in the nursery, and when installed in other rooms to contact good specialists.

There are restrictions on lighting. For example, you need to choose a chandelier such that the light bulbs are far away from the canvas. If this is not possible, devices with minimal heating are purchased.




To choose the material to cover the ceiling correctly, you need to take into account the purpose of the room, financial opportunities, personal preferences.


Dense varieties are used: vinyl, non-woven, glass wall glazing. The latter also perform a reinforcing function, are not torn, resistant to moisture, fire, do not suffer from repeated repainting.


  • affordable price;
  • moisture immunity;
  • ease of sticking;
  • fatiguing replacement.

Interestingly look liquid wallpaper. They are applied with a spray gun on a dry, clean surface.

Cons: to please the result, the surface is carefully prepared. At the joints may appear fungus.




More expensive material, but it lasts longer than many other materials. It is a sheet mounted on a metal frame. There are different sizes, colors, glossy or matte.


  • absolute moisture resistance;
  • mold and mildew are excluded;
  • any panel is easily removed;
  • ceiling communications are hidden.

Cons: lowers the ceiling, be sure to invite the wizard.


The question of how to choose the material for many does not arise: of course, drywall. With it, a simplified installation is real when sheets are hemmed straight to the ceiling. It is used if it is easier to hide the surface than to refine.


  • implementation of any design ideas;
  • the surface is perfectly flat, comparable to an expensive stretch ceiling.

In other embodiments, this is not possible.




  • the work is done only by specialists;
  • "height" is eaten;
  • impossible free access to electrical wiring, other masked objects.

Finished construction shpatlyuyut and dyed with acrylic.


Simple and inexpensive way to finish, especially on the ceilings in the bathroom, hallway or kitchen with a simple design.


  • easy to pick up the texture, size, color, pattern;
  • self-assembly is possible;
  • it is easy to replace the tile, and if a segment is damaged, repair of the entire ceiling surface is not required;
  • moisture resistance, immunity to fungus or mold;
  • if the old design has become boring, it is easy to repaint the tile.

The main advantage is that it is glued even to the problem ceiling in the house, it covers all the flaws of the surface (except for significant differences).



For different rooms

Choosing which material is most suitable for a particular room, you need to realize that, in addition to beauty, compliance with its purpose and functions is required.

Living room

The main room of the apartment, in which any expensive decoration is appropriate. The best ceiling in the hall - multi-level or combined. He zoned the spacious rooms, and in the modest - visually expands the space.

The stretch glossy canvas and drywall also cope with status tasks. Only in extreme cases it is possible to choose plastic panels for the ceiling or other low-cost design.


The main requirements for the room - hygienic, comfort, safety, therefore, determining which ceiling to choose in the bedroom, definitely refuse cheap synthetics such as PVC, foam plastic, other similar materials.

To make it easier to breathe in the room, a simple single-level structure is selected, without dust bags.

The color of the ceiling is most often the traditional white, combined with any design of the room. Blue calms, mystical purple is acceptable in a strictly defined dose: an excess negatively affects the psyche. Optimistic green is not bad, but it stimulates the brain, preventing it from falling asleep. For creativity declines yellow, so for the bedroom is also not very. Muffled pink creates a romantic atmosphere.

As well as in color, there is no hard decision on which stretch ceilings to choose for a bedroom according to its texture, there is a matte and gloss finish. It depends on the preferences of the owners: whether they want peace or festivity.