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Glass doors for the sauna: design features (22 photos)


The traditional material for finishing baths or saunas is wood, products made from it are used for wall and ceiling cladding, floor laying. Glass doors for a sauna and a bath created from high-strength tempered glass will help to make a variety of classic interiors. They are practical, attract a wide choice of design options and add a certain zest to the design of the steam room. It is possible to pick up a door from glass under any style of an interior.




The main advantages of glass doors

Features of operation in the bath or sauna have specific requirements for materials and products used to design these premises. The usual interroom door will not sustain high temperature and humidity of air. For this reason, models of the original design are installed in the steam rooms, which are distinguished by considerable weight and cost. Not surprisingly, the glass doors to the sauna since its first appearance on the market immediately gained popularity among potential customers. Among the main advantages of this product:

  • stability of the geometrical sizes throughout all term of operation;
  • glass fabric is not subject to corrosion or rotting;
  • the incombustibility of the material allows the door to be installed in close proximity to heating devices;
  • glass is one of the most hygienic materials, characterized by simple care;
  • the term of operation is almost unlimited and is limited only by the quality of the used fittings;
  • a variety of design solutions thanks to the original glass technology;
  • good light transmission ability will allow you to refuse wiring lighting in the steam room.

All this makes tempered glass doors the best choice for a bath or sauna, including infrared steam rooms installed in city apartments.




The disadvantages of glass doors

The variety of advantages of glass doors makes you look at this product and its disadvantages. There are not many of them, but they exist:

  • high price;
  • considerable weight;
  • potential to break glass.

The door to the sauna, recruited from the wall paneling, will be cheaper than a glass model, but the cost of products from solid wood will be higher than the price of a glass door. The mass of tempered glass is large, installation alone will not work, but with a qualified assistant, work can be done quickly. It is difficult to break the glass door if you follow the rules of operation and safety in the bath, especially if you do not use heavy objects for this.

The basis of the door is a sheet of tempered glass 8 mm thick. It is able to withstand high temperature, a slight mechanical effect. Glass can be transparent, colored, frosted, covered with a pattern. The frame of the door is created from high-quality wood or aluminum, lightweight and practical metal. The aluminum box is not only highly durable, but also in harmony with glass. The door is equipped with canopies, they must be of high quality stainless steel and have a large margin of safety. The best option - three canopy on the canvas, as it has a significant mass.




The canvas is equipped with silicone seals, they provide the door tightness. The material is able to withstand temperatures of 170 ºC without losing its functionality. The doors are equipped with a ball or magnetic latch type to ensure a tight fit of the fabric and reduce heat loss. Special attention should be paid to the material and shape of the handle. It should be comfortable and not burn your hand, so it is better to give preference to wooden models.

Doors of glass for the bath can be swinging and sliding, in the steam room is better to install traditional models. The fact is that sliding doors contribute to greater heat loss. It is better to use them between the waiting room and the rest room; here they will be able to add a special touch to the interior and will be more functional.



Assortment of glass doors

Depending on the glass technology, there are the following types of doors:

  • with engraving;
  • with full color pattern;
  • with an image;
  • with fusing.

Engraving on glass gives the door an original look, allows you to create an exclusive atmosphere characteristic of the premises, decorated with the help of works of authorship. Full-color drawing is applied on technology of the ultra-violet printing which guarantees high resistance to the increased temperatures and humidity. Drawing can be any: from landscapes and paintings to the original subtle patterns.



How to choose a glass door for a bath? Stylistically, it should match the interior of the room. Fully transparent models are not always convenient to use, as such a door can simply be overlooked. It is better to stop the choice on products with the original drawing executed on technology of a matting or the ultra-violet printing. Such models are more practical, and their design will make these doors adorn the bath or sauna. Be sure to pay attention to the accessories - quality components will significantly prolong the life of the door.