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Glossy doors: advantages, features and use in the interior (25 photos)


The room is difficult to imagine without interior doors. They are not only an important functional element, but also help to refresh, expand and restore the attractive appearance of any room.




Design of openings with a glossy design is a fashionable trend in the design world. This coating combines attractiveness, practicality and versatility. Most often, black and white glossy canvases are used in the interior.




The use of glossy doors is a fashionable and modern trend in interior design. They are used for decoration of offices and residential premises, the affordable cost allows you to use them for decoration of the elite and economy class rooms.



Glossy doors have several advantages:

  • A variety of designs. A wide range of design glossy interior doors can be used in the interior of any style.
  • Affordable price. For the manufacture of used modern equipment and materials, which reduces the cost of the final product.
  • Versatility. Models perfectly fit into an interior, are combined with various types of a floor covering, finishing of walls and a ceiling. This is due to the fact that designs can be purchased under bleached oak, mirror black and other variants of designs.
  • Easy to care. For cleaning structures do not need to use special tools. It is enough to wipe the surface with a damp cloth, and if heavily soiled, use regular polish.
  • Durability and durability. The surface of the structures is treated with high-quality materials that reliably protect the fabric from deformation, scratches and other damage. Glossy interior or entrance doors retain a presentable appearance, as well as basic operational properties for a long time.
  • Protection against mold and mildew. The cloths do not absorb moisture, so they are not susceptible to the formation of mold. This allows you to use designs in the bathroom and other rooms with high humidity.

The benefits include not only the ability to use in the interior of various styles, but also a presentable appearance. Glossy coating gives the design moisture resistance, heat resistance and additional sound insulation properties.





Despite the obvious advantages of installing glossy designs before purchasing them, the main disadvantages should be considered. Glossy interior doors have several disadvantages:

  • The need for careful care. Most often, black and white glossy doors are produced. Whiteness is clearly visible on the whites, especially in the area of ​​the handle, so not only should they be regularly cleaned with a damp cloth, but also use detergent. On a glossy black, the slightest specks of dust are visible, and even fingerprints can gleam the surface.
  • The invisibility of white design. White gloss fits perfectly into the interior of any style. However, the dark massive door attracts more attention, and the white one can simply merge with the walls. In this case, you can try to install canvases of bright glossy shades.

However, the advantages of such structures outweigh the disadvantages.

The interior of the glossy canvas look very stylish and elegant and combine strength, durability and attractive appearance.




The lineup

Glossy interior doors are made of various materials. Top construction is covered with plastic or laminate, which is applied enamel or varnish. On sale you can find such models:

  • Wood. The frame is made of wood, which allows you to save the design performance properties and presentable appearance throughout the entire period of operation.
  • Laminated. The top layer is laminate, creating a perfect black or white gloss.
  • MDF. Available designs from an inexpensive frame covered with a sheet of MFD. Over this sheet is applied several layers of varnish.
  • Veneer. One of the most popular options for creating a glossy finish. The framework becomes covered by an interline interval on which the multilayered glossy covering is applied.
  • Cheap models. For installation in offices, summer premises and other commercial premises.
  • Coupe doors. A separate type of glossy doors include popular compartment doors. It is a comfortable and functional design that is suitable for bedrooms, kitchens, small hallways and other rooms. Glossy coupe able to favorably complement the interior in any style.

When choosing a model, durability, strength and basic performance properties should be considered. It is also possible to refer to their advantages the opportunity to purchase structures of both economy and elite class.



White gloss looks spectacular in combination with dark flooring. The original solution is a combination of white glossy canvases with dark window frames, flooring and furniture. To link these elements, you should use white skirting. At the same time it is possible to use both compartment doors, and usual interroom designs.






Gloss has the effect of overflow. Original colors can be not only an addition to the interior, but also an independent accent of design. They may include glass inserts, mirror elements and embossed patterns.




Glossy doors look good on the background of plain walls. An excellent solution would be to create an interior in black and white, including the door leafs of one of the contrasting colors.