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Interior doors of oak: aristocratic strength (26 photos)


Oak wood has been used by man for several millennia. The difficulty in processing made oak doors accessible only to rich people. Nowadays, if these products can not be attributed to the most democratic in price, it is difficult to call the most expensive. Heavy wooden doors made of solid oak decorate the cabinets of top managers, are installed at the entrances to banks and state institutions. Inexpensive oak doors made of artificial materials are used for budget repairs by fans of classic interiors.



By its popularity, products from this wood deservedly occupy the first place. A variety of shades contributes to this: manufacturers offer a wide range of models of white and black oak, offer interior doors of classic shades. The fine choice allows to use doors from an oak at the solution of the most complex interior tasks.

Oak wood features

The excellent strength characteristics of wood is one of the main reasons why interior oak doors are in high demand.

For many, thanks to its practical properties, natural oak has become the benchmark for quality wood. In addition to hardness and durability, this material is characterized by good resistance to moisture. There is a special method of prolonged storage under water, thanks to which natural oak acquires a black color. At the same time, wood becomes incredibly durable and able to serve for centuries.

Nature has generously disposed with the habitat of oak, this tree grows on almost all continents. Among the most popular breeds:

  • white oak, native to eastern North America;
  • Sonoma Oak comes from California;
  • stone oak is from the Mediterranean;
  • eastern oak growing in the Caucasus;
  • Mongolian oak;
  • English oak from Europe and Russia.



Unlike most other species, oak wood is most often classified not by the place of growth, but by processing technology. The following types are well known:

  • bleached oak;
  • bog oak;
  • brushed oak

All these technologies are actively used in the manufacture of finishing materials, the doors of bleached oak in the interior are found today as often as parquet from wood of this treatment.

The classical entrance door from the massif of an oak became a standard long ago. It is durable, has a respectable appearance, easily tolerates high humidity and temperature changes. The only drawback is the high cost, so the models from the array displace metal doors covered with laminate, natural veneer, MDF. Imitation is used for all types of wood: bog oak, smoky oak, bleached oak. Thanks to the wood stains, metal entrance doors of wenge color are created due to the similarity of texture with this exotic breed.



Used as an entrance door of PVC, characterized by moisture resistance, practicality, long service life. Reinforced metal profile, sheet steel and armored glass give such models strength that exceeds the characteristics of solid oak. Use the door color "oak" of PVC and as interior in the apartment and offices. They produce folding, glass, sliding and pendulum models, the surface of which imitates white oak or wenge-colored doors.



There is a growing popularity among interior veneered doors created from an array of coniferous woods. In their production is used finishing of thin plates of natural oak. The wood can be of any finish: bleached, brushed, stained. At the same time interior doors made of oak veneer have an attractive price available to many potential buyers.

Natural oak veneer requires good personal care, for this reason it was replaced with artificial material - eco-veneer. Its advantage is high moisture resistance, ideal imitation of wood texture, simple maintenance. Doors made from eco-shells have a balanced cost - they are more affordable than classic veneered doors and only slightly more expensive than MDF models. In the interior of the apartment it is difficult to distinguish them from the doors created from natural oak. The only difference is that natural wood darkens over time, acquiring a noble shade.



Affordable price of doors from ekoshpon still not as attractive as the cost of laminated doors. Cheap interior doors under light oak from MDF have become classics of the office construction genre. The interior of the apartment uses all shades of natural wood, so manufacturers of laminated doors offer the widest range of products. Golden, bleached, dark, smoky oak and doors of wenge color can decorate a city apartment or a country cottage.



Interior oak doors in the interior

The most versatile are the doors of bleached oak, widely used in the interiors of apartments, houses, offices, restaurants and cafes. They are perfectly combined with the decoration in the classical style and modern style, will suit fans of minimalism. It is possible to use a coating of bleached oak in light and dark interiors.



The strictness and refinement of the cabinet will be given in the doors of the color "gray oak", and the classic fans should stop at the natural oak. In the living room, in the kitchen, you can install models of milk oak, and in the children's room - from smoky oak. For exquisite interiors, Sonoma Oak is suitable; this tree species grows in distant California and is distinguished by uncompromising texture and complex color transitions.



For a bedroom, interior doors of white oak with glass will be a good choice; they will be perfectly combined with cream and sand walls, suitable for blue and pink wallpapers.



In the home library or office of the owner of the mansion, you can install doors of dark oak, they will add to the interior of solidity and respectability, create a colorful atmosphere. Compete with them under the power of the models of golden oak, characterized by elegance and luxury. Any oak interior doors will become a noticeable detail of the interior, emphasizing the presence of taste from the property owner.




Doors made of oak or artificial models that imitate the wood of this tree are out of competition in the market of finishing materials. This is due to the variety of models and shades, the practicality of natural material and its respectability. Oak doors are the perfect choice for home, office, hotel and restaurant. Variety in the price offer will allow you to choose products for repair with any budget. Models of veneer and solid oak are created in a variety of styles, which makes them attractive for complex design decisions. Choosing this product - the buyer can never make the wrong choice!