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Rosewood doors: aristocrat fortress (20 photos)


The door is an attribute of any room. It gives the first impression of the owner. For example, the rosewood-colored doors serve as a marker of well-being and good taste. They are chosen for exoticism, durability, just beauty.

Noble breed

Rosewood is a group of trees native to the tropics with matte wood of rich colors and shades. Gamma from yellow and light brown with a pinkish tinge to red-brown, even black with dark, sometimes purple streaks. Often such a multicolored coarse-fiber structure is compared to a rainbow.



All varieties of rosewood are elite, their wood is very expensive. Only very wealthy people can afford to afford something large from the array in the interior.

On the market are dark and light species, the most famous of which is wenge, a gift of the African savannah. It also has other names: Congolese, African rosewood, African rosewood.

Rosewood is twice as strong as oak, products made of it are durable and reliable. Specific substances and essential oils make the wood immune to fungi or insects, so even veneered doors will not spoil the bark beetle or other pests. Viscous compounds add strength and prevent cracking.

The main advantage of rosewood - a unique texture. Thanks to her, the tree cannot be confused with any other.



What is good for rosewood veneer?

The exorbitant prices for rosewood wood make it inaccessible to the wide consumer. From the array of products create a rare, small forms. Frequently used veneer or imitation of the film.

Veneer - effective and effective natural material for door designs. It is a thin plate of wood with a natural texture-pattern, glued to the base of plywood, chipboard, MDF.

Shponirovanny doors - gold price middle between an array and a chipboard. Much cheaper than an array, however, in terms of reliability or aesthetic properties, it is not worse. Veneer is more expensive than a rosewood film, but the difference is too obvious: synthetics are recognized immediately. If you can, it is worth spending on veneer.



This is a case where aesthetics do not negate strength. Doors, decorated with rosewood veneer, have all the necessary qualities:

  • retain the original appearance for a long time;
  • they do not react to changes in humidity or temperature, that is, they do not crack;
  • create excellent sound and heat insulation;
  • ecologically safe.

Finally, they are simply elegant in the interior and visually indistinguishable from the noble array.



How to choose a door?

Deciding to purchase the door, you should decide on its purpose. If it is an entrance door, it should be solid and solid, from solid veneer, without inserts, especially glass. The choice of interior models is wider, determined not only by protective functions, but also by aesthetic ones.

The color palette of rosewood makes it possible to choose the right option. Entrance veneered doors can be any tone, but most often it is non-marking wenge.

Interior models are more diverse, depending on the purpose in the interior:

  • Cabinet - solid, dark, better than the color of wenge;
  • living room - preferably dark tones, with inserts and a moderate decor of the canvas;
  • bedroom - light tones, with glass or mirror fragments;
  • children's - light solid with decorated canvas;
  • kitchen - in accordance with the tone of furniture, with glass inserts.

Even the most simple interior doors rosewood makes elegant. It is noble in itself, therefore intricate designs are rare in the door decoration. More stylish simple compositions with a maximum of two shades. Not very appropriate glass with a corrugated surface, better frosted, slightly darkened or tinted. This option is especially good in the interior of light shades.



To design the home was complete, it is better to install the doors of the same style or color. If this is problematic, select models with veneer in a different design for each of the parties.



Design features

Rosewood doors can be dark or light. In any case, they will make the room more luxurious, more elegant.



Dark ones are practical, non-mark, but visually reduce space, making it gloomy. Suitable for large, well-lit rooms. Organically look with a light floor. Platbands, baseboards, curtains are chosen in the tone of the door leaf.