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Stone dishes in the interior: natural textures in everyday life (23 photos)


The times of porcelain dinner sets behind grandmother's glass are long gone. However, this does not prevent dishes from being an important element of interior design, but you should take care that it does not look old-fashioned or tasteless. Stone utensils will be an appropriate "chip" - it can not be found in every home, so the attention of guests to such an interior detail is guaranteed!

What materials are modern models made of?

Depending on this setting, stone utensils can be different:

  • Stone-coated dishes for heat treatment of food. It really cooked food. Formally, these are pots and pans with a non-stick layer of a special kind. Cookware with a stone coating rarely becomes the center of the design composition, but often it is the pride of the hostess, so a special place in the design of the kitchen can be reserved for her. In any other room such a thing would be out of place;
  • models of slate or other rocks. Such products are emphasized minimalist. They can be massive, but, as a rule, are not additionally decorated. In such variations, designers try to emphasize the beauty and naturalness of the material, so the processing of stone dishes from slate is often deliberately coarse. These products are not always applicable in practice, but become a catchy accent in the interior. They can stylistically support other elements: marble table top, window sill, flooring material;
  • ware from a semi-precious or semi-precious stone. It's not even dishes, it is a work of art! It is always originality, play of colors, as well as a form that emphasizes the characteristics of the material. You will not entrust such dishes to a child; you will admire it while penetrating the energy of the stone. That it can become the center of the composition, or even set the tone for the entire interior. Even if it is not the queen of the VAZ - the Big Kolyvan vase from the Hermitage - but something less monumental, such a thing would still loudly declare the status of its owners.



The special properties of stone utensils

Stone dishes are unusual and at the same time easy to clean. A special attitude to products made of natural stone was formed back in antiquity, when one or other healing properties were attributed to each of them.
So, onyx is considered a stone of a leader, leader, real man. It calms the nervous system, relieves insomnia, pulls diseases of its owner. Nephritis helps with kidney disease and pacifies toothache. Also, water infused in a jade cup supposedly helps with vascular and nervous system diseases. According to eastern beliefs, it is not only a stone from all diseases, but also the heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra.

Of course, there are dishes, which in the performance of stone becomes inappropriate, but some types very effectively emphasize the characteristics of the material, its texture and massiveness.

Trays, serving dishes, coasters

Their use is rational in the dining room or living room. At the dinner table will look spectacular dishes for serving, made of dark slate. The tradition of such a serving originates in Japan, so the combination of a massive dish with coarsely edged edges, textured crumb and plain black or white plates will be especially interesting. By the way, this decision will also emphasize the beauty of the dishes served.

Trays or coasters are perfect for the living room. If the tray is made of a natural stone of a special texture, it can be an independent element of the decor, but more often they are used in combination with something. They can serve as coasters for incense, for bonsai compositions, for the currently popular crystal balls or natural stone balls. If you want to place a salt garland in the room or a composition of several salt lamps, a stone tray is perfect for this purpose.






Dishes made of solid stone, does not fit into every interior. If you want to choose stone utensils for a richly decorated, feminine, cozy room, then the best solution would be a combination of stone and metal. Fine art forging does not just smooth out the visual heaviness. This combination will be perceived as a piece of jewelry, because it has become customary thanks to rings with precious stones.




Fruit cups, saltcellars, candlesticks

General serving items can also be made from natural stone. Most often they become small additions to the design of the room, since such things are too utilitarian. But the candles on the fireplace in the candlesticks made of natural stone completely fit into the style of the room. After all, the candlesticks and the fireplaces came to us from a time when there was no central heating and light bulbs, and coziness provided live fire.

Stone ware for an office

Natural stone is a symbol of stability, stability, therefore it is often used in the design of the cabinet.




The vase is no longer a simple tableware item. Now it is an independent and full element of the interior. It is so self-sufficient that it can become an adornment of an apartment, even if it does not contain a bouquet or a flower arrangement.

In this case, the material of the vase comes to the fore. And if the choice of vases for a female interior is invariably rich, then a stone vase will become a real boon for a male interior. Such vases are quite brutal, devoid of frivolity and are more likely associated with ancient Greek amphorae or wine containers. At the same time, in the performance of a dark monotonous stone, they will not be dissonant even with the modern or high-tech style. If a desk lamp is provided in the interior, then a vase and a lamp made in the same style will be especially interesting.

Onyx dishes can be cleaned with a soft sponge using acid-free detergents. Today, not the classic onyx (banded chalcedony), but the so-called "marble onyx", consisting of calcite and aragonite, is more often represented on the market. You can distinguish one from the other by checking for scratch and acid resistance, but with careful care, you will not need to identify this difference.

It is enough to wash such dishes in a timely manner, not leaving in the morning, especially if high acidity drinks are left at the bottom of the glasses. If you are going to drink tea or coffee from an onyx cup, beware of temperatures above 50 degrees.