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A bouquet of toys - a touching gift and a plush sign of attention (20 photos)


Almost every time the choice of a bouquet takes a lot of time and takes a certain amount of nerves, because you often want to find it difficult to get rid of the attention sign bought hastily at a flower shop. However, today you can make a creative gift that will preserve the image of a bouquet, but will be filled with surprises: candy-colored flowers and a bear-buds. It is not difficult to assemble such a bouquet of toys with your own hands, and you can be sure that such a gift will cause admiration and a storm of joyful emotions.



How to make a bouquet of toys?

Thanks to simple and simple actions to collect a bouquet is not difficult for novice needlewomen.

Materials and tools

For the gift you will need the following elements:

  • Stuffed Toys;
  • wooden skewers or floristic wire;
  • foam for the base and narrow tape;
  • multicolored corrugated paper and organza / mesh for bouquets;
  • plastic tube for the handle;
  • ribbon for decorating bouquets or finishing tape;
  • decor (balls, beads, bows, hearts);
  • sweets (in the form of "Truffle").

Of the tools will be useful: scissors, glue gun, stapler, nippers.



Preparing the basis for the formation of a plush composition. A piece in the form of a truncated cone is cut from a piece of foam. The dimensions of the bases are determined based on the number of toys and the thickness of the handle. The height of the base is 7-8 cm. In a smaller base, a small depression is carefully made, which is treated with hot glue. The plastic tube is inserted into it.



In children's gifts it is appropriate to use a delicious decor - candy. The skewer with a drop of glue is inserted into the base of the tail-wrap, which is wound around a stick. For additional fixing, you can wrap this piece of candy wrapper with adhesive tape. All candies are attached in the same way.

Excellent material for decorating bouquets of candy - pieces of corrugated paper. For decoration, one long side of a rectangular leaf is slightly stretched, forming a small wavy edge. Candy wrapped in paper (wavy edge is placed on top), which is fixed on tape with a skewer. For decorative volume, the paper is slightly stretched around the candy. In order to get elegant candy flowers, it is better to first make a test sample.

An interesting idea of ​​decorating sweets is wrapping them in a circle of organza. And the candy will look elegant on which the fabric is fastened with a narrow ribbon tied with a bow.



Great idea for creating decorative elements - beads / bows on a wire. A wedding bouquet of soft toys will exquisitely decorate pearl pearls and satin bows.

The most creative stage of creating a bouquet of soft toys is the assembly of all the elements. First, toys are "seated". Then evenly place the candy. The final touches to the composition will bring beads, bows, fixed in random order.




Spectacular packaging will help to hide the foam and give the accessory a finished and luxurious look. To do this, the handle and the base of the bouquet of candy wrapped with corrugated paper. The final stage of the decor is the design of the whole composition with a double organza / flower net and its fixation with a staple. The base of the handle is tied in the form of a bow with a braid or floral tape.



There are plenty of options for plush floral arrangements. To facilitate the bridal bouquet, artificial flowers instead of candy are used as decorative details. If desired, you can experiment with the size and types of toys, adding new figure elements to the composition (in the form of cones). The step-by-step process of assembling a gift remains about the same.



General wishes to create a bouquet

To make a wedding bouquet from toys or a gift for a girly, you do not need to learn special techniques. Beautiful and delicate accessory will turn out, if you follow the not tricky rules:

  • All details of the bouquet (especially for the wedding) should be fixed securely. In no case are left free gaps between the elements of the accessory. Exquisite way to fill the space - use elegant flowers from organza / mesh;
  • sweets and wrappers are not pierced;
  • Wedding bouquet is made in soft pastel colors. The exception is the bride's love for bright elegant compositions, then you can safely use contrasting colors (white-red, yellow-green).

If you make a bouquet of soft toys with your own hands, then he will definitely save a piece of the mood of his creator and will be remembered for a long time.