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Curtains for gazebos: decorate the exterior (23 photos)


The modern decor unites in itself all the variety of styles and trends, allowing everyone who wants to find for himself exactly what is suitable for his home. Designers offer a lot of options for finishing almost all categories of residential properties. At the beginning of the spring-summer season, the latest fashion trends in the design of country houses and buildings on the adjacent plot deserve special attention.



Garden gazebo or open porch - the most favorite holiday destination for the whole family. Here it is convenient to meet guests, spend free time, chat and enjoy the fresh air in nature. In order for such a pastime to bring maximum pleasure, which means it benefited both the owners and their guests, you should take care of the convenience and safety of these buildings.

Curtain fixing techniques

Fastening soft curtains for gazebos and verandas is permissible in several ways, in many respects similar to the installation of window curtains in city apartments. It all depends on the material from which the open construction is made, the design features, the floor space and the size of the openings. In most cases, the following methods are used:

  • curtains for a gazebo are hung on a suitable model of a ceiling or wall cornice;
  • installation of a horizontal beam over each individual opening or around the entire perimeter of the building, on which the curtain is subsequently fixed with metal or plastic eyelets;
  • installation of special hooks and mounts, if the curtains are made in the arbor with your own hands.

It is necessary to consider the features of the location of the gazebo, as well as the room ventilation during the day. The transparency of the curtains will provide soft lighting on the veranda, but due to the increased air permeability of the fabric, it will require a more secure anchorage to avoid breaking the fastener or tearing the fabric under the influence of wind gusts.

Protective curtains for the gazebo must be installed so that their movement and removal if necessary do not cause trouble to the cottage owner. This will allow the curtains to be cleaned from dirt, dust, garden garbage, not only at the end of the season, but also, if necessary, throughout the summer period.



Arbor in the garden can be a separate object, and enter into a whole group of garden buildings. For example, you can often find a combination of a garden gazebo and a stationary kebab house, a veranda and an open summer kitchen, as well as the option of pool or an artificial pond with a small gazebo that became so popular.



Increased demand among gardeners and owners of their own country houses began to use gazebos made of plastic with panoramic windows and circular windows. Often in such gazebos even the roof can be made of glass. Of course, such designs look great, safe for people, reliably protect from wind and rain, but as much as possible pass the hot rays of the summer sun. This leads to excessive overheating of the air inside the building or uncomfortable stay in it.



The problem is easily solved if you install roller blinds on the windows for gazebos. A distinctive feature of such curtains is not only their light, but also insulation. For their production using the most modern materials that meet all safety requirements. In most cases, roller blinds for gazebos are made of a special blackout fabric.



The peculiarity of this canvas is that it is made by combining several thinnest layers of acrylic. Acrylic curtains for gazebos have a number of advantages:

  • durability and strength with comparative lightness;
  • thermoregulation in the room, since in the summer the curtain will not allow the air inside the arbor to warm up, and in the winter, on the contrary, to cool down;
  • absolute resistance to external damage, moisture and sun.

In addition, modern technologies make it possible to produce street curtains for gazebos and porches from acrylic of various colors or with prints, designs and ornaments.

The popularity of polyvinyl chloride is due to its durability and ease of use. Transparent PVC curtains for gazebos and verandas are widely used not only for the improvement of country houses and other household objects in the garden plot, but also in the design of public recreation places. So, the street curtains for the arbor, made of PVC, are applicable:

  • for improvement of open verandas of restaurants;
  • in the design of street cafes and lounge areas;
  • to ensure the protection of children's playgrounds, amusement rides.

PVC safety curtains for arbors have absolute transparency. Completely exclude the penetration of dust, as securely fastened around the perimeter of the opening. Moving or shifting such curtains in the future does not work out, which should be considered depending on the individual features and design of the gazebo.



When choosing such a material, it should be remembered that it is easily damaged with sharp objects, which requires careful attention during installation and during storage. The main advantages of PVC curtains are:

  • a high indicator of the protective properties of the material, which is several times superior to other existing versions of fabrics and coatings;
  • complete obstruction of the penetration of rain, dust, wind and insects;
  • durability of use, the ability not to remove the PVC fence for the autumn-winter period;
  • in the case of minor and moderate damages, it is possible to restore such a blind using the elementary repair technique;
  • ideal for mounting in the gazebo of any material and regardless of the size and shape of the window openings.

Modern PVC curtains for gazebos and verandas are distinguished by their resistance to temperature extremes and severe winter frosts. That is why such structures are widely used during mass winter holidays, public events and the construction of other temporary structures.



A transparent curtain will serve as an excellent barrier to dirt and precipitation, while allowing you to enjoy the surrounding natural landscape. But the PVC blind is absolutely powerless against the scorching sun: the rays penetrate into the structure, heating the air. Given this fact, many owners of institutions complement PVC curtain with internal blinds or fabric curtains. This combination allows you to achieve absolute protection from dust and rain, thanks to PVC material, and from the sun due to fabric curtains.



The variety of models, various production options for curtains for gazebos and open terraces allow you to choose an option that will be the best solution for any type of construction, taking into account its features, design ideas and intended use.