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Portable country shower: assortment, rules of use, key characteristics (20 photos)


One of the significant factors of comfort in a country plot is a portable shower for the dacha - it is a universal solution for travelers, owners of houses that are not connected to the central water supply. This device is useful even in a city apartment during those periods when only cold water flows from the tap.



In accordance with the design features distinguish the following varieties:

  • containers;
  • showers;
  • portable cabins.

The basis of the product is a collapsible frame covered with a tarpaulin. A container with water is mounted on top, a shower watering can is taken away from it, all necessary fittings are included in the package, there is a detailed instruction. Such products can only conditionally be called portable, because it is most convenient to transport them by car. This kind of summer shower for summer cottage differs only in the presence of electric heating, in contrast to the outdated ones, in which water acquired the required temperature due to natural solar energy.



The essence of capacitive products

Such portable showers for the dacha and the house look like pumps or similar containers from which water under pressure is fed into a shower head. The fluid flows after the user presses the lever that is on the handle of the watering can.

On average, the volume of the tank does not exceed 20 liters - this is the most demanded indicator, which is sufficient for the needs of one person. In order to use this model with convenience, you need to hang it at a two-meter height, for example, on a tree branch.



Toptun class devices

The key element in this case is the pump, the person, putting it into action, supplies water in accordance with his own requests. Any container with warm water is prepared in advance: a basin, a tub, a canister, a bucket. A hose connected to a rubber mat (the pump is located in it) is lowered into the fluid. The user, tramping along the rug, pumps the water to the shower head fixed at the height. To stop the flow, just step aside.

This device is convenient for use in the home; he is often taken to rest. The advantages are mobility, ease of installation and use, affordable cost. If desired, you can create an improvised hygienic booth at your summer cottage and enjoy water treatments.



Shower with built-in heater

It is often used in the places deprived of hot water supply: in rental housing, garage, summer cottage, construction production sites. The dacha shower assembly takes 10 minutes: the tank is equipped with two tubes, one of which is connected to a cold water source, and the hose is fixed on the other. After connecting to the mains, the device can heat up to 10 liters of water to a comfortable temperature in 20 minutes.

One of the leading brands in the core market has released a special kind of mobile shower that fits in a handbag. Externally, the portable shower resembles a mini-razor, inside there is a reservoir that holds about 250 ml of water. With the help of special tips you can quickly clean the hair, body, face. The product emits some detergent with water, the solution is instantly absorbed. Each nozzle has small holes through which liquid is discharged, absorbent plates absorb dirt along with moisture, and dirty water is sent to a separate tank.

The device works from a battery, it allows you to quickly freshen up where there is not enough water: on a hike, a long trip on a train or on a bus.

Portable shower functions only if there is a water tank; when buying, you need to make sure that it is strong and that there are high-quality fasteners. It is worth paying attention to the size and overall weight of the container; in the core market, you can find convenient folding models that are easier to transport. The optimal volume - 15-20 liters. If the tank is painted in a dark color, the water in it will heat up faster in the sun.

It is better to choose the options in the package which includes a solid crossbar, you can later install a shower on it. In budget models it is not, but there is a cord or hook, with which you can attach the device to the desired height (the standard figure is 2 meters).



There are weaknesses:

  • for a company of several people, 20 liters will not be enough;
  • collapsible cabins do not have an acceptable level of mobility, as the tank can have impressive dimensions;
  • showers equipped with a pump cannot be used with poor quality (polluted) water.

In the core market there is an excellent choice of products from economy to premium segment, which is able to meet the needs of users with any rhythm of life. All models have a common feature - they are able to increase the comfort of staying in the absence of centralized communications, allow you to follow the rules of hygiene on the territory, which is not equipped with auxiliary devices.