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Kitchen-living room with fireplace: how to properly equip the space (24 photos)


The decision to combine the living room with the kitchen is very advantageous in terms of saving living space and at the same time bold: you have to work hard for the kitchen design to fully harmonize with the interior of the living room. How to choose and correctly enter such an element of interior design, like a fireplace?



Before going directly to the projects on the style design of the living room kitchen with a fireplace, you need to decide on the model of the fireplace. Here there are some nuances due to such factors:

  • features and configuration of the housing;
  • floor space;
  • safety precautions.

That is, no matter how strong your desire to install a classic wood-burning fireplace in the kitchen, it was not destined to come true due to fire safety requirements. So, how to choose the ideal model of the fireplace?

There are four basic design types:

  • A classic wood-burning fireplace (here you can also include a stove).
  • Gas.
  • Electric.
  • Decorative.



The classical design of a fireplace is one of the most popular today. She seduces with real live fire, the sound of crackling logs and creates an incredible atmosphere. For many years, fireplace-stoves have enjoyed particular fame. Despite the fact that there is a mass of compact cast-iron stoves, many are dreaming of an "authentic" brick structure, with which you can not only get warm, but also cook food. But, alas, only owners of country houses can afford this type of fireplace.







The location of the fireplace hearth

Placement of the fireplace depends on such moments as the size of the room, the location of windows, doors, furniture, etc., therefore, we first recommend that you familiarize yourself with the installation rules:

  • A classic wood-burning fireplace should be positioned so that the chimney is straight and overlooks the ridge of the roof;
  • When choosing a place, the direction of the air flow should be considered (the position of the fireplace in a draft creates the risk of "smoke")
  • The best position for a chimney stove is a wall perpendicular to the windows;
  • Furniture near the fireplace space is better placed in terms of comfort and coziness, thereby organizing a rest corner.




How can you enter the hearth in the interior of the kitchen, combined with the living room?

  • The island arrangement is the isolated design. It is mainly installed in the center of the dwelling, thereby symbolically dividing the kitchen space and living room into two areas. This is a fairly practical option in terms of space heating.
  • Wall / wall placement. In this case, the fireplace is mounted on the outer or inner wall. You can install both gas and electric model, depending on the style and also at any height.
  • Outdoor fireplace. This situation will provide any kitchen with a fireplace the status of a "central place". This way you can enter an electric, gas or classic wood burning fireplace.




Kitchen-living room design with fireplace: design tips

After the model and place of the future hearth is chosen, it is necessary to take care of the style decision. The main rule in inscribing the fireplace in the interior (as, indeed, any other element) is harmony. It is necessary that the design fully echoes the design of the kitchen-living room. Only in this case you get the perfect combination.



There are many different interior styles that you need to rely on when choosing a fireplace design.

  • Classic. Classic style is always in fashion: strict, noble, calm, universal of its kind. In this case, the fireplace should be discreet, restrained, made in a neutral color palette. The finish of wood or stone will look respectable. Massive decor or stucco, on the contrary, will burden the whole picture.
  • Country style is alien to grace, so the fireplace can be given a rough outline. It will look good large, massive design, emphasizing the attention. The wall above the fireplace can be decorated with decorative forged ornaments.
  • Modernity is characterized by conciseness and gloss, so the shape of the hearth can be both classical and fancy. Modern style can be described by the word "original", which means that it can include all the most unusual.
  • For interiors in a minimalist style and high-tech fit metal models or designs of heat-resistant glass. Exterior decoration of the fireplace should be minimal, different strict, concise forms.
  • In the absence of a pronounced style, it is worthwhile to dwell on a universal classical style.

So, in general, we outlined the main points that need to be guided when choosing a particular model of the fireplace for the kitchen-living room. Among the huge variety of designs, even under certain restrictions, almost anyone can find something suitable for themselves. For the rest - follow your tastes, preferences and fantasies.